Free & Happy {An Original Poetry}

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I want to live free, away from this noise and chaos
And even though turbulent times raged, with a clear thinking make a better choice
Wanted so much to walk the rains, feeling every drop of it
All the way down my tear stained cheek
And if I could sing a song, I would a duet to the ocean tides
Welcome each morning into a new light with a smile.

I wanted for an open mind, to be genuinely peaceful inside
Make peace with the undulating breeze and charade in romance
Not a minute of regret, and even though there is
I would rather not let it define me.
I really wanted to be free and sometimes, have a real laugh
A sensation so genuine, to save me from heartbreaking gag.

Like the east wind travelling freely
Ferrying hot airs through mountains and steep hills
I will sway like the evening breeze
Travel the night like moon and stars in blissful dreams.
I want to live freely, away from this place of hurting
Away from memories not worth remembering
From love not worth having, nightmares so scary
From thoughts so depressing, tribulation times lenghty
Needs so pressing and yet limited resources.

I want to be truly free, and finally be happy
Live a life of purity, strive for the best in everything.
And if I be free as I wish, I would sign a treaty of fulfillment
Not with a dying but a lasting breath.

And if i be free as i wish, ink from my pen will bleed non stop
To express expressly, bottled up feelings and thoughts
Regardless of taunting and mokery from people
Simply haters and elements of ridicule
Treat them like broken antics that don't matter
Living free is just too precious
than spend it having hopes shattered
By those who will rather take away than add essence to my existence
I'm talking about enemies of progress and people of pretense.
From those people, I will rather leave to be indeed free
Leave unannounced like the early morning dew.

Written and compiled
By Erinkitola Aduragbemi
28th April, 2020


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