500+ Sp Now!! It will become 1000 Sp very soon!!

in Whole World's Dairy2 years ago (edited)


.We have organized power up competitions in our community. Encouraging posts are being made to our community to get regular power-ups every week. We have been gathering sp with our community through sp delegation and power up on official ID. We will continue this continuity.

The delegator And Delegation

@humaidi150 Sp
@mdshafi250 sp
Total530 Sp

We hope to be able to gather 1000 SPs on our community ID soon. And expect support from everyone in this community.

Join this us on Discord Server
And Support us by Delegating:
20 sp 50 sp 100 sp 150 Sp 250sp 500sp

Thank you from The bottom of my heart ❤️


I wish for all the team and those steeamians who suport this community.

 2 years ago 

This is very good news that the SP of our community account is increasing. Thanks to everyone for delegating. ❤️

 2 years ago 

Yeah! Hope we will be able to gather much more sp very soon in our community! And thank you also for the delegation! 💚

 2 years ago 

You are most welcome.

 2 years ago 

Its a very goodnews for all #wholeworld team and steeamians

Its increase our community. Its a very good news for community

Thats a great work. Well done all delighter. Thanks for Increase this community

 2 years ago 

Well done. After few days I should take a part of this.

Owww. Great news. I hope this community increasing so fast.

You are most welcome all deligator.

wow this is very good,, community accounts are growing fast,,

Very good news and you have taken a good initiative so the community will gradually reach a higher level day by day everyone should be good active we will have to work well

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