My town 10 pics (2 Juni 2021) around my town

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Hello friends how are you all i hope you are all well after a long time i came in front of you with some new pictures of my town and village i hope you like my pictures

Pic no 1


You can see in the picture a chimney. It is a brick chimney. Smoke is emitted through it. Bricks are burned in the chimney. This chimney is 120 meters high. The people of Bangladesh build such brickfields and build houses by burning bricks

Pic no 2


This is a school house in our area. It was built a few days ago. It is a government primary school. It is a primary school. It is located in our area. 200 students study here. It was built by our government.

Pic no 3


This building is located in our city. It is known as electricity office. People are engaged in business below and used as office above. We go to the office to see the building. We go to the office for different tasks and needs

Pic no 4


This place is a market where people sell different kinds of vegetables and from here people buy vegetables. You can see in your picture that this place is very busy.There are traffic jams all around and buyers of various vegetables are sitting with their vegetables

Pic no 5


You can see in the picture that many workers are busy building a building here. Today the roof of the building is being cast so the workers are very busy. This is how the buildings in Bangladesh are built.

Pic no 6


You can see the beautiful scene next to a house in Bangladesh. It is hot in Bangladesh now, so people go and rest where it gets cold. This place is very cold, so we sit here from time to time and share a picture of the environment with you.

Pic no 7


You can see a dehydrated pond. This pond was once full of water but now it has become dehydrated due to natural causes and the vegetation has grown all around. It is a beautiful place.

Pic no 8


This is a jute land. Jute has been cultivated here. Now the lessons are small. It will take some time to grow. Now the jute season is going on in Bangladesh. Most of the farmers in Bangladesh cultivate jute.

Pic no 9


The picture shows a beautiful ebb and flow of smoke in the evening with a burning ebb tide. This is a moment of beautiful time in our area.

Pic no 10


This is the picture of the ticket booth. The bricks are burnt here and left on the side. From here they sell bricks. Many people in Bangladesh are often engaged in this kind of business and they make their living through this kind of business.

All photo taken @tanjim123

Device : samsung j7

Location : around my village / town

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