Flower Photography 🌼 from my garden Date 14/06/2021

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Greetings Everyone,

I am @tanjim123 from bangladesh

Today is 14/06/2021

My device name redmi k20

Flower Photography

Hello friends how are you all i hope you are all well today i will share with you some pictures of my garden and my infra flowers that i took with my smart phone i usually love flower pictures a lot i take pictures from where i see flower garden


Location : https://w3w.co/protruded.stimulant.visor

This is the white belly flower that I planted in my garden. I planted this tree 6 months ago. Now the flower tree is about 6 months old. Now it flowers regularly. The smell of this flower is very beautiful and this flower has been blooming for a long time. Its leaves are very green




Location : https://w3w.co/protruded.stimulant.visor

I planted this belly flower tree just for the beauty and fragrance of the garden so I take pictures wherever I see white flowersflowers



Location : https://w3w.co/protruded.stimulant.visor

These mistakes are forest flowers. This type of flower is usually born in bushes or next to different trees. This flower is cactus. The flower is cut. The flower tree is not very big and at the end of the flower it turns yellow. This flower is very beautiful to look at. 4/5 days of flowering



Location : https://w3w.co/assigned.rocketed.flies

You can see these kinds of flowers are very beautiful and the tree is free from thorns. These flowers are the flowers of a garden. This tree is usually a flower. This flower does not last long only for fruit.
This flower doesn't last long. I picked it up from my smartphone. I picked it up when I was walking down the street now.

Thank you everyone ❤️

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Thank you from The bottom of my heart ❤️

Wow... Amazing to know you really love flowers. "Planted it for the beauty and fragrance" will love to behold its fragrance too

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