10 Evening Sunset Photography in My Area | Beautiful views

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This is tanjim from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Hello all friends of the world's diary community how are you all?? hope you are all well I am also very well by the grace of Allah after a long time today I have appeared among you with a new post I hope everyone will like and everyone will support me

I was sitting on the side of a playground watching a great sunset scene in the evening so I captured these scenes on camera and today I will present them to you.

All photos are Original No Edit

Picture No 1 👇


When I said this picture on the side of a road, I looked up at the sky and saw a beautiful view, so I took this picture with my smartphone in my hand.

Picture No 2 👇


This picture was taken on a cloudy day because now it is the rainy season in Bangladesh so the sky is always covered with clouds so there is a scene in the evening.

Picture No 3👇


As I was sitting in a brickfield as the sun went down I noticed a beautiful red scene in the sky and I captured this picture with my mobile phone.

Picture No 4👇


This image was also taken from a slightly different site from the same Brickfield, so the image looks like it has a beautiful view of the natural environment.

Picture No 5👇


I took this picture from the paddy field. It was almost evening when I called the sky and took the picture.

Picture No 6👇


This picture was taken by me from the side of the road when I went out for a walk and I took this beautiful time scene

Picture No 7👇


This photo was taken around the end of the evening because the sky was cloudy now and it looked so beautiful so I took this photo at the last beautiful time.

Picture No 8👇


This photo was taken from a high place and it was taken with my mobile device

Picture No 9👇


Picture No 10👇


The above two pictures were taken when it was getting dark in the evening when I was walking down the street. And I love watching this scene so I took pictures

Devicek20 pro
PhotographyEvening Time sunset

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Your post is 100% pure, thanks for sharing it with us here, and you've made it great.


Thank you mod 😊

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