The Diary Game seasone 3 |18-07-2021| Today is beautiful day and i was busy with my little brother doing some battery experiment 😬

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Hello steemit friends how are you all hope all is well i am also very good by the grace of Allah i have done a lot of work all day today and had a lot of fun and experimented with batteries my younger brother also helped me in my work all day I will describe them through diary games 😊


My fevorite food pasta i love it,, my wife make it for me ❤️😊

Today is a beautiful sunny day. I woke up at 9 am today. I woke up, brushed my teeth, washed my hands and face, Then I eat breakfast and then after a short rest I do the things that were in my house

After doing all the work in the morning I saw my little brother experimenting with a battery. I also saw in the experiment I helped my little brother. My younger brother fixed the motorcycle battery. The battery was bad so our main purpose was to fix the battery as before.




One of the cells in the battery was bad so the battery was damaged for which the battery was not working as before we first cut the battery cap and replace the damaged cell inside so that the battery can continue to function as before.

This is a 12 volt 5 amph battery that can do a lot of things like run a small table fan and turn on the small lights in the house and run a small inverter.This battery has been in our house for a long time so my younger brother and I arranged to repair it




After replacing the damaged cell we filled the battery with acid water which made the battery work as before but the problem is we don't have a charger to charge this battery so we made a 12 volt charger with an adapter and were able to charge the battery

My younger brother is very intelligent he is 14 years old but he can do all kinds of electrical work so at different times I learn from him I like these type of things so I do these sometimes

After all the work we eat rice in the afternoon and rest for a while then I go out to hang out with friends to hang out with friends, come back home and spend time with family



Then I watch TV for a while at night and do some work on the computer and my mom calls me for dinner I go to the kitchen and eat dinner I go to bed after dinner I go to sleep then I fall asleep how a nice day is spent


Best Regards,


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You spend a very busy day

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Thank you from The bottom of my heart ❤️

pasta look so good

Oh my dear Thank U :)

welcome my dear

look like a mechanical engineer

hahah Thank You :P

very interesting experiment

Thank You dear

its my pleasure

I also hope that, you spent you time so good with your brother

Thank You my friend :)

Its welcome

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