The Dairy Game : A busy day of my life 4th july 2021

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Welcome to my diary game post. I am Md. Ashikur Rahman @ shayekh523 I have been working on this platform for several months now. I have gained a lot of experience and learned a lot by working here. In today's diary game, I will talk about my busy day. I had a lot of pictures, many are wondering if my t-shirt is alone! In fact many of my favorite t-shirts are so it always feels good to wear. A lot can be learned about me. I am busy most of the day studying and doing various household chores so I can't be very active.


I get up every morning at 5 am to study. Then in the morning Amu Ball has to go out for a job. Now I have come out for homework. I got on the autorickshaw to go to the market. I was sitting in front of the autorickshaw because I wanted to take pictures of the road while going. Below you can see some pictures taken while going. Thanks so much to @ badsha1 - I'm glad to share this day with you.


When I got out of the car to go to the market, I got in the car and after going some distance, it suddenly started raining heavily. It was raining in torrents and it was raining very slowly. Which made me feel very good because of the gentle touch. Cold air and drizzle is a great feeling. I was sitting in front of the rain water just came along my eyes I thought they were very beautiful. You can see in my picture that the front windows of the car are soaked with raindrops, and you can understand how it is raining by looking at the windshield. It is not very heavy rain, it is very beautiful and everyone will enjoy the drizzle.

It rained all day like this when it came right. I also got such rain on the way and I went to enjoy the whole road. There were many beautiful spaces on the road. There was light and there was enough light so the street environment and the nature on the side of the road made everything look so good to see.


I love to see the moon every night. This day turned very yellow because of the cloudy sky. Maybe because of the sky I could see a different reflection of the moon. That's how I spent my whole day today. I shared with you a diary of this whole day. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day.

 3 years ago 

The moon look so beautiful brother.

You also have nice dairy brother.

Nice post.

Look handsome and work also good.

Nice post

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