Scenery full of natural beauty around my area

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Assalamu Alaikum.
Today I went out for a bike ride in my area. While walking around, I saw many beautiful scenes. I have come to share those scenes with you.
Bangladesh is our country of natural beauty. Wherever the two eyes go in this country, it is like a green ceremony. When I went out for a walk today, I was fascinated by the beauty of the surrounding nature. When I enter a low tide in my area, I see its beauty there. Now the brickyard is closed. So the grass there, the plants seem to have taken a different form of beauty.
At one end of the brickyard lies a large vacant lot. There is a lot of grass in that land and it is full of green. Here a man is feeding his pair of buffaloes that beautiful green grass. The buffalo likes to eat raw grass so the two buffaloes seem to be busy eating grass without looking back and forth.
Then we got out of there and started walking along a road that runs through a field. There are green fields in both sides of the road. It is very beautiful to see the green crop fields all around. This road is not very crowded inside the village. So we left the bak on the road to enjoy the natural beauty of the place and walked there for a while and enjoyed the beauty of the car there.
Then a village to come forward a little. I entered the village and went through the village on the road and saw a group of vera on the road. Now the rainy season is where the green grass has grown on both sides of the road and so many beautiful green grasses have been eaten and a group of sheep are eating those green grasses on both sides of the road.
Today's sky over green nature seems to have enhanced its beauty. Looking at the blue sky, the mind seems to be absorbed. All in all, today's natural beauty is different. Such natural beauty is rarely seen. So I had a lot of fun walking around today.

Thanks everyone for visiting my post. I hope you also like this natural thanks of my area.

And more special thanks



Your picture quality was so nice

Wow the road look so beautifull

So clear photography. thats look so nice

The road look really so beautifull,

 4 months ago 

Nice photographs

Beautiful Scenery

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