Power up 60 steem to help the community

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good night steemit friends, hopefully friends are still in good health always and still in the protection of the almighty God, and on this occasion I want to make a post about #power-ups and today I do 60 steem power ups, and for the future hopefully I can continue to do power ups.

power ups are very important for future progress, besides being useful for yourself and very useful for others, and we can help newcomers in steemit, and can help the community by delegating the steem power we have.

and hopefully @steemcurator01 will help all power up posts #welovepowerups👍.and here are some steps.

step 1


step 2


step 3


step 4


step 5


and that's my power up post this time, and my target in the next few months can reach 1000 steem power and can help the whole-world's diary community and thank you.

Greetings from me @humaidi

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Very good initiative! Your idea is really awesome!

 7 months ago 

thank you very much, and hopefully we can build this community together

Great work

 7 months ago 

Thanks a lot,,,

 7 months ago 

Very good my friend. I hope all the other members will be inspired to see you.

 7 months ago 

thank you very much my brother, hope we succeed, insya Allah,

 7 months ago 

I really inpired to see your post @humaidi. I may also be a delegation in a few days

 7 months ago 

thank you very much friends, we wish the best for the community

I hope you do your best for this community. We all members wants to help this community.

 7 months ago 

Thanks a lot,@sharif7349

Great job brother.....

 7 months ago 

Thanks a lot,,@razuan12

 7 months ago 

Very good job...

 7 months ago 

Thanks a lot,, @neukyan

 7 months ago 


 7 months ago 


Good work friend

 7 months ago 

Thanks a lot,

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