The Diary Game 24 March 2024 | Some economic activities of the day.

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When I woke up that morning, I first washed my hands and freshened up. After freshening up I first completed the activity of steemit. Steemit's main activity was to check notifications. I upvoted some valuable posts by checking notifications. Then I spent half an hour visiting different communities and tags. Half an hour passed like this. Now I have to focus on personal work.

In the morning I concentrated on the reading table. Although it was too late for me to wake up. It was almost eleven o'clock when he sat down at the reading table. Anyway I sat down at the reading table and put my full attention.


In this way I studied attentively for about two hours. I was reading about the present world at that time. Here was a wealth of common sense. I have to read them all though it is time consuming. Anyway I continued my studies. Thus it was noon. I then had to prepare to shower.

After one in the afternoon I prepared for bath. By the time I finished the bath, it was almost half past one.After showering I put on dry clothes. After that I made full preparations for noon prayer. I captured a selfie in the fresh moment while preparing for the prayer.


Then I offered the afternoon prayer. After finishing the noon prayer I rested for a while. In the afternoon I went for coaching. A class was held on coaching. I came home after finishing the class. I came home and offered Asr prayer. I went out after performing Asr prayer. I went out because I have to buy food for Iftar.

There was a market next to the house. I wanted to go to the market to buy my necessary food products. But now it's fasting season so I didn't get that delicious food there. Which is why I was looking for alternatives. I noticed a light crowd of people in the market and I photographed it.



Then I approached a delicious meal. Yummy food was being prepared here. It was nice to see. I enjoyed making her fried foods for a while. I certainly didn't make a mistake in photographing it. I quickly photographed it. The delicious food here was very tempting. This dish is very good for iftar. I decided to buy this delicious food by prioritizing everyone's preferences. I bought several delicious dishes from here for 30 Bangladeshi taka. The food was very oily. Below is the price list of purchased Eggplant Chop and piyazu.

Eggplant Chop20 bdt0.56 steem
Piazu10 bdt0.28 steem


After buying yummy food I ventured to buy healthy fruits. That's why I had to find a fruit shop. I proceeded to buy fruit. On the way, I noticed a mobile fruit shop on the side of the road. There were quite healthy fruits. I decided to buy the fruit from here. I have to pay more money to buy fruits. Because the price of fruit in the current market is sky high. I decided to buy maltra from here today. First I asked about the price of maltra. Here the price of maltra per kg was 360 Bangladeshi taka. The current steem price list is mentioned below.

Maltra360 bdt10.39 steem



After buying fruits from here I came home. I purchased the fruit as per my requirement. Anyway I came home after buying all the Iftar food. After that I got fresh and got ready for Iftar. After that I finished the day's activities by breaking the fast. Thank you very much for reading my post. May God bless you all and stay healthy always.

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Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

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You have shared a fantastic diary with us.You woke up and freshened yourself.Then you checked notification on steemit. After that you started to read. You continued it before noon.Then you took bath and went to mosque to pray. After prayer you took rest for a while and then you went to coaching. After Asar prayer you went to outside to buy ifter. You also bought fruits. After buying fruits and other foods you came home and took ifter. All the best @solymann vai..

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Hi, Greetings, Good to see you Here:)

Thank you very much for sharing a nice article with us. Hope you stay active and keep engaging with everyone. If need any help then join our discord

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It's a wonderful day bro, but too much fried food in Iftar is not good for the body, especially fried in oil.

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You had a productive and fulfilling day, starting with focusing on your studies and personal tasks. It's great to see you prioritizing self-care by freshening up and preparing for prayers. Your dedication to your activities, like attending coaching classes and buying food for Iftar, is commendable. The photos you captured along the way added a nice touch to your day. It's wonderful to see you enjoying delicious meals and making thoughtful choices for your Iftar. Your positive energy and gratitude shine through in your post. Thank you for sharing your day with us, and may you continue to have blessed and healthy days ahead.

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