BETTERLIFE STORY : THE DIARY GAME BLOG (19-Nov-2022) - Today I went around and ate Jhalmuri

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Hello Everyone, I am @max-pro
From #Bangladesh 🇧🇩


Assalamualaikum my dear friends how are you all? Hope everyone is well. By the grace of God I am fine. This morning when I woke up I went to the mosque to pray. I did ablution after going to the mosque. After performing ablution, I entered the mosque. Then when it was time for namaz, I offered namaz at 5:30 in the morning. After praying, I came home from the mosque.

After coming home from mosque I went to wash room to brush. I went to the washroom and got fresh and came home. After coming home I watched some cartoons on my laptop.

I sometimes watch cartoons on my laptop. I like watching cartoons very much. The morning passed while I watched cartoons and then I went out for a walk. Walking in the morning keeps the mind fresh. So I walked for a while and went to the side of our house.


There was a lot of fog around this morning. So I felt very good to walk in the fog. That's why I was walking around our house. I came to my room while fighting. After coming home, my father cut papaya for me. Eating ripe papaya in the morning provides nutrients. Ripe papaya should be eaten every morning.

I played ripe papaya this morning, after eating the papaya I sat down for a while and passed the time on the steemit platform on my phone. After that I sat in my room for a while, sitting and listening to music on my laptop.


I spent time in the natural environment / Location

After that I walked away from my house. There are some shops near our house. So I sat next to that shop for a while. After a while I called my friend to come there. My friend moved there. Then we hung out there.

Me and my friend were hanging out there. Then I saw a small child carrying a bicycle wheel. So playing with bicycle wheel is a traditional village game. I also played this kind of game a lot in my childhood. So I saw a boy carrying a bicycle wheel.

I took a picture of that boy. Then my friend and I sat there and chatted. We chatted there for a while. Then I came home from there. After coming home I spent some time in my room.

Time to go to mosque for Friday prayers / Location

Then when it was bath time I went to the bathroom to take bath. After going to the bathroom, I took a good shower and came home fresh. After coming home I put on my Punjabi because I have to go to pray. So I went to the mosque to pray.

I went to the mosque with my elder brother and my younger brother. After going to the mosque, I saw many of my friends there. Then when it was time for prayer, I prayed in the mosque. I prayed at 1:20 PM. After praying, I came home from the mosque. After coming home I got ready for lunch.

I had lunch around 2:30 pm. After lunch I rested for a while. After eating and drinking, you need to rest. Everyone should rest for at least ten minutes after lunch. After that I talked to my friend on messenger on my phone for a while.


I ate jhalmuri with my cousin / Location

Then I called my cousin to go to the market. So after he came I went to market with his bike. After going to the market, we wandered around the market for a while. Then I saw that jhalmuri came in the market.

We ate Jhal Muri there. Special jhal mudri is available in our market. I ate Jhal Muri there. Me and my younger brother were standing there eating jhalmuri and watching how he made jhalmuri. After eating Jhal Murdi there, we wandered around the market for a while.

Many shopkeepers were bringing many things to sell in the market. So we looked there and wandered. At one point I came home from there. After coming home I sat for a while. Then I got ready to pray Asr. I went to the washroom to perform ablution to pray. I went to the washroom and went towards the mosque.


A little walk after prayer: Location

Then I went to the mosque to pray. I started praying Asr at four o'clock in the afternoon. When the prayer was over, I left the mosque. Then I went for a walk. I went for a walk with the imam of our mosque. After walking for some distance, there was a building on the side of the road and I climbed on the roof of the new building.

We took some pictures while standing there. After that we spent some time there and we saw many things there. After some time, I came towards the mosque from there. While coming to the mosque, I saw a gate arranged on the side of the road. It is mainly made for Mahfil. A huge mahfil has been organized next to our mosque.

Many people will come to this festival. For that, many arrangements will be made for the mahfil. A gate has been constructed on the side of the road for this purpose. From there I took some pictures. Then I came to the mosque from there. After coming, I started praying Maghrib. After the Maghrib prayer, I came home from the mosque.


I ate steamed pita at night / Location

After coming home, pitha was made in our house today. Today we made steamed pitha at home. So the first steamed pitha was made in our house today. So I love steamed pita, I sometimes eat steamed pita in winter. I invite you all to eat pitha. After that I spent some time in my room.

some time I studied a little, after a while I called the mosque. I went to the mosque for Ishaar prayer. I went to the mosque and performed ablution and entered the mosque. After that, when it was time for prayer, I started praying at 7 o'clock in the night. After the prayer, I came home from the mosque. After coming home I sat for a while.

Then I had a small amount of food and drink at night. I don't eat heavy food at night so today I rested for a while with small amount of food and drink. Then I spent time with my friend on Messenger. After some time my phone ran out of charge but I charged my phone and went to sleep.

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Thank you so much for visiting my post, Stay healthy and god bless you.

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You really had a nice day friend,your pictures are all correctly taken and I like the food you enjoyed today.

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