The Burial of Morality and Humanity.

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The Scandal involving the FCMB boss is not something I would ordinarily talk about when I'm healthy, not to mention now that I barely have the strength to type from this hospital bed. But if we must correct uncultured men, then it ill-behooves us not to correct uncultured women.


I feel sad seeing how certain ladies have decided to embarrass themselves on this street, in the name of sounding woke.
A woman travels abroad with her kids, only to notify her husband that their supposed children, were actually fathered by her boss in the office.

He falls ill on this, and after recovery, tries to move on with the frustration. Along the line, he ended up dying of heart attack before his wedding to another lady three years after.

His family members are currently calling on the resignation of the FCMB boss with the help of people signing a petition to CBN. I am not here to say if the boss should be made to tender his resignation or not, for his resignation would be the right thing, if his actions actually broke the banking policy. But you and I know that these policies are actually made for the poor.

I am not impressed by the number of woke women saying the man's wife should have no blame at all in all of these. I am not calling for her persecution, but we all know what is right, and should at least say it the way it is. The reasons for backing up the woman for cheating on her husband, are quite embarrassing.


*A lady said "maybe he doesn't provide enough for the family," as if that is an acceptable index to be cheating on the husband.

*Another said "but he has moved on with his life and no be she say make he no make money."
Is it that easy to move on? Do you know what it means to be told that the kids you've know n as your children aren't yours? Are you sure it's that easy to bear? The devil must be an apprentice to any human who is able to pull the stunt the woman pulled.

Is she the only married woman being chased by rich men? What happened to divorcing him and moving in with the rich man? There are women who earn more than their husbands, and still don't cheat. They don't make noise, and you won't even know they're the ones carrying the family sometimes.

*Another said "maybe she cheated on him because of domestic violence."
Did the lady say that? Is domestic violence even enough reason to be that wicked, when you have the simpler option of leaving the marriage?

*Another said " but men father children outside, so they should leave the woman alone."
Don't we speak out against these men when they hide it from their wives? Was it said anywhere that the late young man fathered children outside? So because some uncultured men do this rubbish instead of declaring they're polygamists, it's nothing wrong that this woman did it?


There are other funny, but annoying reasons I can't remember.
Must everything be about that annoying Gender Wars?
What happened to the basics of Morality and Humanity?

Asoegwu just observed like I did, that the same women who are of the opinion that 100-200k is actually nothing, and men who earn that shouldn't even get married; are the same people shouting 70k is too expensive for DNA Test.
Because you don't want to be exposed, you're suddenly supporting the "expensive 70k" tag in order to dissuade some men from carrying out tests. So, we can agree now that 100k is some money right? Yes it is, since 70k is expensive.
I ask again: What has happened to our humanity?

When will we replace these gender wars with what should actually be?
Sadly, someone will still overlook the real intentions of this post, and will keep on shouting "Patriarchy" in her bedroom, because she has been blinded by her involvement in Gender Wars. This is also same for some guys.
I know I don't pay anybody's bills, and choosing to be inhumane can always be a choice.


But, is that the way it should be?


To say the moral fabrics of the Nigerian society is severed is to say the least !!

Morality has taken to her wings and flown beyond the reach of even the saints , if there is any still existing!

But this episode is in another dimension because such gory tales used to be associated with the less reckoned in the society!!

But , not anymore . Pathetic!!

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