Contest Entry | If I was the President of my country | by @idyeyo

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Hi Steem Nigeria Community,

Special regards to the community admin and moderators for a consistent contest which is a great way to keep the community active and alive. Thank you @idyeyo for this beautiful contest idea.

In my opinion this country lack great leadership skills and abilities for a better tomorrow. They don't have vision, lacks foundation and when the foundation is destroyed the house cannot stand, the righteous cannot do anything to help.


However, the set of people who can rebuild it are being killed, kidnapped, used as casualties of elections. The masses are not helping matters because of the great hunger and poverty they sell their vote to the highest bidder for rice, spaghetti, semolina etc. Therefore, the suffering continues every four years.

It is difficult at this stage to rebuild the country from where the leader stopped. We have to start from the grassroots, before moving to the secondary issues and then tertiary issues. First tackle power supply and embrace technology and create jobs, build refineries, create regulatory bodies for everything.

Nigeria has virtually all the mineral resources you want to mention in this world but if you give a whole nation full of money to a dunderhead, ignorant and greedy man, you are sure he will not only ruin it but not a penny will remain after several years.

Our country needs a visionary leader, who will start from the foundation, create jobs, make the power supply better so that people can start inventing things, tackle corruption, strengthens security and make the internet easier to access.

If I was the President of my country, one of the first things I will put in place is build a refinery, ensure power supply which is the foundation of the problem this country is facing. Check the developing countries these things are well available which promote the country's civilization.

The major firm that are making jobs available have all moved their major headquarters out of the country because of power supply. This is needed even for invention spring up massively. Road network and construction needs continuity unlike what is currently happening around Nigeria in which roads are not maintained. Maintenance is key to everything if we want continuity.

The major reason we need a refinery is the fact that we owned a mineral resource and yet we are buying at inflation rate which is affecting the whole process of civilization.

Furthermore, makes schools available, moderate and inventive. The current state of the schools is only producing readers, not inventors which the reason our leader's children are not schooling in this country but outside the shores of the country.

Embracing technology is the best solution to the problem highlighted above by the organizer of this contest. We need to create a centralized water solution, electricity, internet, etc. Controlled by a regulatory body with technology.

One of the most important thing I will make thorough research and conclusion is the separation of the country into three countries as suggested by people in recent times. As a president I will set up a team to make adequate research before a major conclusion.

There is so much to write because my country is a movie with an unusual episode. Let me stop here.


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