Working Out Your Faith With Works

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Hello beautiful people. Hope you all are doing good today. We all must have heard the statement or phrase one time or the other that "Faith without Works is Dead". It's true that lots of people keep hearing this daily but still do not seek to understand what it actually means.


People practice some unrealistic things and expects everything to just fall into place for them. Looking at the example of a first time pregnant woman who has been advised by the doctors and those that advice her generally to eat fruits and vegetables more during pregnancy and also take some particular drugs for the benefit of her health and that of the baby.

Then such a woman declines the advices and decided to be taking just water and saying she just believes that nothing bad will happen to her and the baby. Well it's a good thing to be in faith but we also need to be working towards the success of whatever we want to achieve. This is quite important because God Himself is a God of principles and doesn't want people to be non-challant about their situations.

My advise to you today is to keep faith and works together in check and allow them to work hand in hand. Do not just sit down and expect things to work out there own ways, there's a place of prayers, there's a place of faith and there's a place for works. You cannot expect to get food to eat when you don't go out to get it or cook it. You cannot place raw rice and expect it to turn to cooked rice when you don't put it on the fire. So many other things like that even in our attitudes, we don't expect to have a bad attitude and just expect people to love you.

Some ladies say they want men who will love then for who they are, so you want to be a fighter and expect a man in his right senses to love you as a fighter? No, that will only be a deceitful kind of love waiting to throw you away after sucking you like an orange. Remember that all things to work together for our good. I pray that God will help us through with this in Jesus name. Amen.

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