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It was on a hot Wednesday afternoon, far back in 2011. We were queuing up to register for our study ID card and other school materials for the new session. The heat of the sun was much but the struggle to get registered was tougher thus my desire to conclude everything that day at all cost made me ignore the effect the scorching sun in Northern Nigeria had on our body.


While waiting hoping to get called next I beheld two beautiful young females walk towards the line. Immediately I began having thoughts in my head and I forgot about the heat and struggles of the day. I said to myself these two sure don't know their way around as the looked naive and lost. I left where I was in the line and walked to them. I introduced myself to them and asked of their names too.


I said to them, you both look like freshers, would you mind if I could be of assistance to you two? They both smiled at me and I immediately sensed that I was the answer their prayers because nobody seemed to care if they were in the right place or not.

They both complained of how stressful the processes were and I told them welcome to Bida Poly where the Sun and the school management will give you a taste of hell here on earth. I forgot that I too was waiting to be attended and went an extra mile just to satisfy these freshers and create an impression that the school was not totally hell.

I succeeded in getting their forms signed and they were excited that what looked like a herculean task was achieved in the shortest time possible. But this didn't come without a price because I paid dearly for it as my name was called severally but I was nowhere to be found. The office policy was that if your turn passes and you don't report in 20 minutes time you'll have to come back the next day and start afresh.


In all this, I was attracted to one of them and we started talking. I don't know wiether I was tired or too exited that I forgot to get her phone number and even know her department. This is one of the strangers i won't forget in a hurry because I never had a second chance to tell her how I felt.

Ada I know you may be reading this write up right now, just know that I've been searching for you.


I kind of find this funny but it's a nice read

Thank for your participation

😂 😂

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