Contest: The Stranger I Won't Forget by @gracieux

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This is a story of an incident that happened some two years back. I was going back to school after a break we had. When I woke up that morning, I had a terrible stomach upset then I used the toilet thinking that was going to solve it but it didn't. I didn't want to tell my dad because I knew he was going to suggest that I postpone my journey which I didn't want to do. When I got to the motor park, I didn't have any appetite so I bought two sausage rolls just incase I got hungry. While we were on our journey, the pain persevered so I felt it was hunger and decided to eat something. All of a sudden, I started feeling nauseous so I asked the driver to stop and while he was looking for a suitable spot to park and while I was trying to push the passenger sitting closer to door, I threw up in the bus and on the passenger close to the door whom I was already angry at for not opening the door on time. When we all got down from the bus, that was when I discovered that he couldn't open the door quickly because one of his hands was deformed. I was expecting him to get mad at me for throwing up all over him rather he took off his shirt and wore another from his bag and gave me one of his shirts and water to clean myself up and got broom from the filling station where our bus parked and swept and cleaned the bus. I was totally humbled as I quietly watched him do all these. He truly left an indelible mark in me. I'll never forget that incident and I only wish I'll be able to recognise him wherever I see him. People like him who try to help others despite their own problems are truly rare.

This is my entry for the contest. Thanks for reading.


Wow very interesting bruh

Thanks for reading.

Nice story @gracieux, such strangers are God sent and rare to come across in this cold world we living in. I believe you learnt a great lesson that day yeah? Thanks for sharing.

#contest #nigeria

Yea, I sure did learn a lesson.

Awnn. A really indelible mark it must have created @gracieux

Really, it sure did

Angels in stranger disguise

Nicely written
Thanks for your entry

Thanks for the acknowledgement.

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