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Thank you so much @steemnigeria for this beautiful contest. This is a true life story of what happened to me on the 15th of march in the city of portharcourt Nigeria.

I am a 100l student newly admitted to the university of port harcourt but due to my inability to finance my fees and other payments, i sorted to defer the admission till next yr so by then i would have saved enough to finance my schooling. So i travelled to school with my friend to process the deferment. On getting there, we were unable to complete the registrations because the non teaching staffs were on strike and it getting really late already.

I live with my parents in aba which means i had to get to the park (eleme junction) in order to get a transit back home. The time was 5pm, my friend has an elder brother in his final in school so he called him to ask for help so we could find a place to stay for the night but unfortunately his brother told him that he was squatting with someone already and that if they were going to accommodate us it was going to be only one person which is his junior brother my friend. The information shattered me because i had exactly no idea what to do or where to go. Just then in remembered one of my very good female friends who was in her final year, i called her and explained to her and she told me to come over. That was how God saved me that very day because i had no place neither did i know any other person to call.

The next day it rained heavily. It rained from morning to evening, my friend asked me to stay because it was getting late, she told me that because of the rain i might not be able to get a transit back to Aba. But i insisted. How could i spend another night in a room with 3 full fledged sexy girls??? And the worst part of it was that they had no idea how heavy the magnitude of their seduction was on poor me. They wore pants wit some long
white singlets and no bra with their nipples pointing my direction every now and then. Talk more of their sleeping positions... they gave me a different small bed to sleep on but the truth was i could sleep at all. My lil john was standing so strong as a patriotic citizen of Nigeria. It caused me pain since i was wearing a jean so as to conceal it, later in the night i felt pressed so i stood up, turned on the lights and..................... If you see they way these girls were sleeping with what they wore??? If you see their sleeping positions??? that was the day i knew that indeed am a strong man i swear... It was hard but i got a hold of myself, went to the toilet and went back to my bed feeling much better so when she asked me to stay AGAIN the next day,i knew that if i dared stay, na raping tins ASAP. So i had to just find my way as a man. I told her that i needed to go so that i can attend to my customers disturbing me already (i lied). I told her that there was somebody i needed to do something for early the next day so seeing she couldn't stop me, she let me go.

Like she said,the traffic jam that evening was something else, it was ;so congested that the taxi drivers and motorists had to turn off their engines to save fuel. I stayed in the jam for over 1hr b4 roads become clear again. Its was really late in the evening, almost 7pm and at that instant i realized i've done a very big mistake. I thought about going back but a big trailer broke ;;down due to bad road, causing a total gridlock in the other lane of the road which was for coming back. When the driver reached Eleme Junction,the time was ;;past 7pm, i asked for directions and he pointed me towards where i could fine buses going to aba. On getting there, i couldn't find any boss. I was stranded, lost, as at that moment i cant go back to school because of the hold up, and there was no hope coming back ;;home because there was no bus. and to make matters worse, i had only my tp with me and i didn't ;know anywhere at all. i've never felt so miserable in my life, i was lost..........for the very first time in my life. i just kept looking around hoping i'd see a loading bus but there was nothing in sight. Just then, as i was frantically asking people around where i can get a bus going to aba, i met precious a stranger, an angel. She saved me that very day.

She ;told me that she knew of a place where i would see a loading bus that i should follow her, then we boarded a bike and while on the bike i jokingly told her that she was going to be my angel that evening and little did we know it was exactly true. When the bike stopped us, we came down, she paid and we advanced to the said place on foot but unfortunately, before we could get there, there were some army men doing routine checks around that area. Everybody including us had to raise our hands up while passing. Then all of a sudden there was an order that everybody should go back but we kept moving forward with our hands up then they fired shots in the and chased us with long whips, lashing anyone they reached. I ran with precious though i had no idea where i was going. She then told me that she knows another place and by now it was almost 8pm. I begged that she should just take me to her home let me spend the night there and go home the next day. After considering for sometime, she told me that we would have to try check this new place, that it there wasn't any ;loading bus then she'll take me home though she was going to face hell with her parents.

So we boarded another bike and got to the place, she paid the guy off AGAIN to my surprise and just then we heard a bus shouting ABA! ABA!! at the other side of the road. we both ran to the bus excited. she took my number and told me that she'll call to check on me till i got to my destination which she did. when i got home safely, i called her and thanked her dearly i also thanked God for using her to help me that very day.

We called a couple times, we chatted too but right now, we back to being the strangers we were though i've sworn that anytime i get back to school fully, i'll give her a call and we'll hangout.



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