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Have you heard of the saying that "there is a better reward in giving than in receiving"? Alot of us don't understand this.

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Yesterday in one of my old groups, someone brought up an idea that we needed to be contributing for our colleagues who have one event or the other like marriage,child dedication,burial etc to help support them as a group.

Alot of controversies spurred up,some people felt bad that their events have passed and it's now we want to start it,they were feeling cheated that they would be contributing for others on their wedding when they got no support when they did theirs.

Another controversy came up when someone said that there should be a limit to the contribution,for instance if a person gives birth we can only contribute once,reason being that Mrs A can give birth to five children which means we will contribute for her five times while Mrs C may give birth only once or twice which means her own contribution will be small, someone pointed out that it was going to be cheating.

This story sounds hilarious right? Yeah that was how it was to me,it was quite very childish especially coming from grown ups.

The truth is that there should never be a limit to giving,give as the Lord blesses you,some of the breakthroughs you receive could be as a result of a seed you sowed in someone's life, a person's heart-felt prayers for you works even better than the one you pray,so let's always have that positive attitude towards giving,see it more as a privilege to be of help and support to someone else out there.

Sometimes there are some seeds you need to sow for something remarkable to happen in your life, some might say they don't have much but then even in the very little you have,you can spare or share,learn to derive joy putting smile on other people's face,it shouldn't cost you the whole world.

Remember in the Bible,the woman that gave all she had,as little as it was,it mattered most even more than those that gave millions just because the woman gave her all. I dare you today,making giving as a part of your daily living,no matter how small. Thanks for dropping by,see you next time.

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