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Am here to tell you that everybody has power to become anything he or she wants to be in life no matter where you are or who you are

When God created the world he gave power to man to be what he want to do work to create to have his own right to do everything he want to dominate over everything on this earth, but man has limit to where his power and energy can take him to, that is why God brought woman to communicate to help and to reason together, that where one strength fail the other continued


God know the important the power of togetherness and joined force is, that is why God say let us make man in our own image (Genesis 1:26), and we have God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit, both of them are one, at a stage in life you need someone.

The only way you can be alone that you don't wan anybody to talk with you or you meeting someone is when you are sleeping or death, but as long you are living you must fellowship with another in respective of who you are being in sport man, business man, religion, family.



No sport person can do sport by him or herself, is like football without a goalposts, or a owner of a company without a workers is like an ideas without reality or an education without leaning or religion without culture, or life without law.

The power of togetherness could be in two form.
Is either you are helping somebody or the the person is helping you in one way or the other.
Coming together can be of good or bad.

That of good it bring strong bod, that is why the Bible said one will chase one thousand and two will chase ten thousands.
Show me an organization that has good relationship I will show an organization that has good team work, and achieving goal. Likewise any family and church or nation that is progressing are all working together

The world together is simple "meet someone" the strength of a bond is determine by how close the molecules are joined together and you cannot meet someone when you don't love him or her, so this is where the power comes in, and this power bass on

👉 give
👉 forgiveness
Who you love you give and who you forgive you love and give, (john 1:1) the love of God go with given because is a merciful God.

REY KIMS said together is all about family not a facility. Together is all about love not a location. Together is about vulnerability not just visual presence. Together is all about forgiveness not impression.

Togetherness we are strong, bold and with one language, the devil know this that is why his putting confusion, problems and misunderstood nation, family and church.
But thank God for Jesus who came to unit us together and to our God in heaven.

Conclusion. We are save by love and we are made to be together and stay together by love and we should always find a place in our hart to forgive others.
Thanks and God bless