She isn't ugly but still the duckling. The bird of a different feather because she's too overdressed.
No creature in the basement likes to flock together with the odd one out taking the light inside.
Hey you! Get out!
The harsh sound of the beast made her gasp held up her hand in defence.
Not out of fear for the bird of prey but the naked, cold creatures all over the place who begged and threatened her for her dress.


Describe what you see:
A well dressed young lady in an environment (basement?) where she shouldn't be.
She's in the spotlight. Others are pointing at her or trying to touch her

Describe what you feel:
They blame you? What is it you see? Is it scary?

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#Pic1000 contest
See @freewritehouse
Photo: pixabay.com


Indeed it's scary if they want your dress.

Thanks for joining us.

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