Fairy Tale &&&000!

At the beginning, he was initially prompted to select a name. He chose CubicHoney0146.

Then he was given his choice of hair color (black, blonde, or red), eye color (brown, blue, or green), and build (long&lean, short&stout).

When his selections he submitted, what we might refer to as his life began.

Now, there were mysteries at play from before the very start, don't get me wrong, but none of this was in focus at the surface.

So CubicHoney0146 took his first steps on clumsy legs, arms wobbling at his sides.

He stepped through the first portal and found himself in a woodsy setting on a calm sunny afternoon some tranquil pastoral somewhere. His attention drew up to a treehouse built up into the heights of a mighty oak.

As he started to move in the direction of the tree, he noticed a movement off to his right and turned to greet a grey squirrel that had scampered up to him from the periphery.

The squirrel reached out and handed him an off-white slip of parchment that was folded neatly in half, then scampered off as quickly and succinctly as he had arrived.

The slip read: "Climb the ladder and come inside. I really look forward to meeting you, CubicHoney0146. -G."

It was a struggle but not a bad one, and in an eventual manner he made his way up the ladder, arm over arm, step by step. By the time he reached the top he had begun to feel his way into his hands, and they were already ascertainably more familiar than when he had begun his ascent.

The wood boards creaked beneath as he found his footing on the landing and briefly took stock. Then he continued to move forward and entered the tree house.

+10 MYTH


{this concludes iNstallment one}


An interesting tale. Thanks for the good read.

Best wishes for 2021. 🍀💕

Link to the next episode below:


Stay tuned for the official third installment of this fairy tale. COMING VERY SOON.

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