Steemit Philippines Contest of the Week: Easy Writing "My Three Wishlist Before 2022 Ends"

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Hello my fellow Stemmians foreign and local I know we are all familiar in celebrating Christmas. The birth our Lord Jesus's and I want to take this opportunity to let you know my wishlist before 2022 ends.
Let's all be practical guys and state the truth over here because we never know genies are just reading our blog.

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A brand-new smartphone
Maybe iPhone pro max will do hahaha just kidding any brand will make me happy and its not only for me I want to have three. One for my grade 11 she has a smartphone before but it was already wrecked out. Her smartphone lasts more than two years but now it's totally sleeping. Some important details are shared into their group chat so what she'll do is to borrow my phone. She told me it's really hard when she had no phone but she didn't make it as an hindrance to her studies but an inspiration that someday it's just a piece cake buying those gadgets.
I also want one for me and for my sons grade 7 student. This young man needs a lot of improvement but his like his father he can easily attached his self to others. And many admire his being true and natural to his self. This two kids their accounts on FB are stored on my oppo a3s smartphone but my daughter really needed it for her research and studies. As for me I loved writing the passion will tell me to wrote more It's not the reward but the awesome feeling of wow, they appreciate my work

A flatscreen smart television with wifi
We Filipinos have this kind of saying (na lubos lubusin mo na hihiling ka Lang rin naman) it means that if you wished, wished liked there's no more tomorrow! We lost our flat tv one year ago I've pitty my three year old Jeffria after our flat screen tv hited by a thunderstorm. The first one I brought it in the repair shop it cost around 1000 pesos to fixed it. Then again the second repair was the same another 1000 pesos but the third without doing nothing the images lost and the only left was the sounds. Hubby gave up because it's like a waste repairing it over and over again. After that i decided to brought a mini bluetooth speaker and now I can't sleep without it.

Lots of Money and good health
There are still lot of things that money can't buy so I want to have both if it's not too much to ask. Between the two I also told my kids that no matter how life we have it's gonna be okay just don't let faith give them sickness Money is the root of evil but it's always needed to make the world round and to continue our lives.


This is my wishlist for the upcoming Christmas 2022 I will not expect that it will come true but atleast I got to opportunity to let the world know my wishes. I hope all your wishes will come true because all of us has the heart to wish for our loved ones.

Thank you so much everyJuan
Love, @usagigallardo15

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Sana ay makamit mo ang iyong mga wishes Sis!

 last year 

Sana nga po sis maraming slamat po @me2selah

 last year 

I wish Santa would be able to know your wish and grant them especially that for your daughter.

 last year 

Yes sir all I wish is to makes their wishes come true po thank you po @long888

 last year 

i mean it's okay we all love iphone tho XD

 last year (edited)

Yes but I'll be happy with any brand @julstamban

 last year 

Tama sis, baka mabasa ni santa dito ang mga wishes natin. Sana talaga ma basa din ni santa ang wish ko hihihi at sayo din sissy para magka iPhone at flatscreen kana.

 last year (edited)

Oo nga po sis @gemeex dpat Hindi mawalan Ng pag asa ehh Laban lang Lagi

 last year 

How I wish all your wishes be granted.Do not worry ,all this will happen one at a time.Godbless pom

 last year 

Yes sis I know it will soon come true I'll just continue to hope and pray always

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