|| The Diary Game Season 3 || Cheers To The Pain She Tried to Hide (part 1)

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Hello there my dear Steemians, last day of November Christmas holidays is fastly approaching. How are you all? I wish you good health and good condition. My topic for today is about my niece and she really have a sad story.


If you read my previous article you will be familiar with my daughter on the right and on the left her cousin Yel. She's just one year older to my daughter Yana. I can still remember me and her mother was both pregnant but she's just ahead. His husband was the eldest brother of my husband but our age is the same both 16 innocent and new in pregnancy.

The difference between us is on how our in-laws treat us. Like hubby's second brother his too peaky but his not also that good looking. He called Yel's mom an ugly girl I don't have the authority to stop him. I'm just also waiting if he will treat me cruelly but he did not, but he also ignored me. We can do nothing but to endure our situation we wanted to regret things but we are carrying our first child.

Months later Cecil Yel's mom will soon give birth to a baby girl. But they still don't have the things needed like clothes for the baby (baru-baruan, lampin, bigkis, supot sa paa at kamay, pambalot sa bata, sapin ng bata, diaper) and many more. They could have the basics if they save before the due date but her husband is gambler and me and my husband don't want to interfere. Life is hard but he still plays and waste money. My mother in law (Ina) "(that's what we called her) find a way so they don't need to buy the things needed. She asked some used clothes to her sister, so her grandchild will have something to used. Then we helped Cecil to complete her stuff even a little bottle of alcohol, baby oil, powder will do.

December 2, 2005 (Yel's 17th birthday is coming soon) Cecil told me that her tummy is aching I told her to count the contractions because it maybe a pose alarm. But she said it's getting intense, good that his husband is right there she was brought to the hospital. And safely deliver Mariel they name her after his fathers name Ariel at home she said that I must be ready because the pain was unexplainable and the doctors are grumpy. She is pushing by herself to help the baby go outside. She's telling the truth because we can do nothing but to follow their orders. After Cecil gave birth me and my husband was called my my aunt she said that mom told her that I will be more comfortable if I'll be staying in her place.

After two months I went to visit Cecil but Ina told me she already left. One morning she heard Mariel crying so loud she went to check what's happening. Mariel was alone she checked Cecil's clothes it was empty. She left without telling why but Ina told me she heard they were fighting last night, I just couldn't believe she will leave her baby behind, her own flesh and blood. She's also breastfeeding the baby and now they need to provide for her milk to survive.


Good that my one and only sister in law was in abroad she just recently flew before Cecil gave birth. When she sends money, Ina will bought milk, but that also makes his son more hard headed (Mariel's father) his far different from my husband that is responsible and hardworking. His a kind man but thats not enough to give Mariel a good life. Years later Mariel is growing fast she is wondering why Yana is calling me mama and all she has is her grandparents lolo and lola She is loved by the two, she was even called the favorite grandchild up to now.
But it seems Mariel know what's missing.....

To be continue

Thank you for reading everyJuan
Love, @usagigallardo15

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I guess her mom was already fed up with the situation, how her husband mistreats her, don't value her, does not respect her so maybe she thought of it carefully if she will stay she willmloose her sanity plus with the baby it will be quite a handful for her to bear. it would be hard though to think she left her daughter. Probably she knows she cannot provide for her.
That's the problem when you just jump right away, she was young just sixteen then having to deal with an insolent, irresponsible husband was too much for there to bear.

Happy to know that your niece was loved and that she grew up to be a pretty young lady full of values.
Hope one day she will meet her mom and settle all the differences and explain to her why she did what she did.
Time can only tell what will happen next.
Loved thr story you shared to us sis. We can learn something from it.
Best of luck to your family and God speed always.

 4 months ago 

She did met her again sis @aideleijoie and hope to see your comments on the second part. But even in the worst situation she shouldn't leave her child. God blessed you po always sis

 4 months ago 

Oh I can feel her situation, I can relate to her feekings because I have one granddaughter like her left by her mother.

 4 months ago 

Well ate @jurich60 I don't know po but sometimes her attitude will lead to be left alone. She had a hard situation but she is using the negative ones to be more negative po ehh.

 4 months ago 

All looks so beautiful

 4 months ago 

Thank you so much

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