The Diary Game Season 3 (13.05.2021) | "The Lazy Panda"

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Hi everyone! @tomogiroe here, once again.

I'm sorry I was not able to post anything since last month. I was on my 2nd day of the 9010 Challenge but decided not to post the remaining five entries. I realized that some of my prayers are too personal, and I would like to keep them to myself.

Anyway, the reason why I decided to write again is because of @kneelyrac. She's been encouraging me to post again, but I don't know what to share. So she told me about this Diary Game where I can share what has happened throughout my day. It's a great idea, and I decided to go for it. Okay, so here's what happened to my boring day:


Diary Game (1).png

Last night, we decided to watch “Sweet Home” on Netflix. More like I pestered Caryl to watch it with me. She was telling me that she’s bad at jump scares and horror movies in general, but I insisted. Haha. I’m such a good friend, right? (note the sarcasm)
She eventually relented and took the risk of having nightmares because she knew that I needed the distraction. Now, that’s what I call a real good friend.

Anyway, for those of you who do not know or have not watched Sweet Home yet, it is about a group of residents from an old apartment building trying to survive and fight monsters. It has ten episodes and goes for about an hour and a half per episode. It was my second time watching the series but I still got amazed, frustrated, and cried at some of the scenes. Here are some of my favorite lines from the series:


I can relate to this on so many levels. I cried my eyes out during this scene.


They said promises are meant to be broken. This scene right here really hit my emotions.


There's still hope.

We finished watching the first season at 6:45 AM. Hoping for the release of the second season.

After that, we decided to sleep. So I slept at almost 7 AM and woke up at 9:16 AM. I was still so sleepy but I couldn’t fall back sleep.

I did nothing from the time I woke up until 3 PM. We did not even eat lunch. (so lazy)

So around 3:30 PM, it’s no wonder that we got really hungry. The sad thing was we don’t have money and we don’t have supplies at home. But a friend offered us a way out. He lent us his credit card and ordered food for us. Another good friend!

He asked us what we wanted to eat. We were really hungry and we decided to order fries, two pieces spicy chicken, palabok family pan, and burger steak family pan from Jollibee. We also ordered a dark chocolate ganache cake from a local baker here in Cebu.

The food came after 30 minutes. We immediately dug in.


I don't really like palabok that much. But this time, it's really delicious. Or maybe I'm just THAT hungry. Haha.


We didn't get to eat this today. Maybe tomorrow.


The ever favorite chicken, spicy chicken joy!


Last but definitely not the least, the chocolate cake from Nicole.

While eating, we video called my best friend, @hellokittyperri who is in Iligan City. We were so glad to see her baby boy. We talked about a lot of stuff and the call lasted for about an hour.

My best friend snapped these photos and sent it to us. We were so not ready on these pics. 🙄😂

Look at us immediately lying down after eating. Haha.

Then, I had nothing else to do. So I decided to write this entry. If you’re asking me why I named this as “Lazy Panda", the lazy part is obvious. Hahaha. And about the panda, I already got these dark circles under my eyes. Hahaha. I need to sleep after posting this.


So that’s all for today. See you next time. I will not promise that I can keep this up everyday, though. Haha. Good night, everyone! Time to sleep!

@tomogiroe 🌼


Hahah sige lang! Apas rako ninyo!

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