#Club5050 The Diary Game 06|04|2022 Gathering Moringa Leaves With Friends

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As we know that moringa leaves is good for our health. We love to make soup with moringa leaves it is delicious and nutritious and good for the body. In our area moringa will not boasts plentiful leaves because our neighbors love to make soup with this leaves and wherever in our community has this plants everybody are free to harvest that's why it will not gave plenty of leaves. When i heard my friend name cindy that our handmaid colleague has a moringa tree and she will going to cut the branches of it so that it will gave a new stems, we decided to visit her and will ask the leaves. When we arrived in their place we saw the moringa tree stand tall and has a green abundant fresh leaves.

Moringa trees

We were so surprised of how abundant the place with moringa trees. We had seen moringa trees along the way as we passes by. Unlike in our place no moringa leaves grows like we had seen here.

take out of moringa leaves from stem

The owner of this moringa tree is Liza the woman in blue t-shirt she was very generous and she helped us cleaned the moringa leaves from the stem. She asked her son to climb to the top of the roof so that it will be easy for him cut the branches.

With the owner and her son up cut the branches

We put the leaves in the bench as we continue cleaning the branches with its leaves. I was enjoying with what we were doing by that time. We put in the bench
the moringa leaves and still we continued cleaning the branches until we get finished.

Me with the moringa leaves

It was a sunny afternoon when we were there, and it was like we were playing when one of my friend jokingly said to bring all this to the market and sold by kilo, but we insisted to divide and our share will be stocks in fridge for our needs.

With friends

After the stems were all clean and the leaves were arranged nicely at the bench we got our containers to put the moringa leaves for us to be easy to bring it home.

Packed up moringa with laarni and cindy

Good thing she also gave us the branches of moringa so that we can plant and have our own tree soon if this will luckily survive. We had brought home 2 cuts of moringa branches each of us.

Moringa branches

The packs were ready, we got 4 bags and 1 sack of moringa, its too much for me to use over the week. I was worried if this will get spoiled if i will stocks more of this, so when i came home i shared to my neighbors the moringa leaves. I still have more stocks in our fridge that we can use anytime we used moringa leaves.

Gathered 5 containers of moringa leaves

Moringa tree after cutting the branches

We gathered 5 containers of moringa leaves from 1 big moringa tree, all branches were cut down because the owner wanted and will wait for a new and freshly green leaves of the tree.

Thank you and God bless us all


 4 months ago 

This moringa is said to be one of the useful plants... 😇

 4 months ago 

Yes it is useful and very nutritious kind of vegetable

 4 months ago 

Te, sinako naman na nga kamunggay, manok bisaya nalang kulang ana.

 4 months ago 

Can I have some sis? I love moringa. Very healthy green leafy vegetable.

 4 months ago 

Yes sis i can give you some, this is my favorite moringa in utan bisaya.

 4 months ago 

Lami gyud and utan bisaya basta dghan kamunggay.

 4 months ago 

O lami gyud siya sis

 4 months ago 

Tapos paresan pritong buwad hehe

 4 months ago 

Lamia gyud

 4 months ago 

pruning the moringa tree can help it bear more leaves... we also have moringa trees in the province and we have fresh leaves always for our lunch soup... super nutritious and delicious!

 4 months ago 

exactly and it is also considered as therapeutic

 4 months ago 

yes it can also boost milk supply as I am breastfeeding

 4 months ago 

Yes it is so helpful

 4 months ago 

kadaghan gud ninyu ug na harvest nay

 4 months ago 

O dae gihurot ug hatag kay gusto man ang tag iya bag o ang salingsing

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