The Diary Game Steemit Philippines Contest Daily Update (Week 7) | Winners of "Daily Best Comment Contest" Day 10 and New Topic (06-03-2021)

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Long live and have a nice day for all of us !!!

The contests in our community are still on the right path as our members are continually doing great and showing my support to everyone, I will do my best, and one thing the best I've done so far is our latest participation in the #SPUD4STEEM campaign who results in us to the top 5 spots which we will receive a 1,500 SP for 21 days. Now, I will continue updating the current outcome of our contests as of today, so please stay tuned and finish this update to the end.

All our members are encouraged to participate and to have an update about this, please finish this by the end.


We are now on our Week 7 here in the Diary Game Contest and hopefully, many of our members will still continue joining and many will be added.

Rules and Regulations of Diary Game Contest.

1. Must start with the title "The Diary Game Season 3 (Date of Diary) | Title of Diary". Diary needs to write a post that shares an event on a day of your life.
2. Must be at least 300 words per post and do not include your introduction and outro words.
3. Share at least 3 photos per Game Diary entry.
4. Must post to Steemit Philippines Community.
5. Use the tags #betterlife #thediarygame, #philippines, and #steemitphilippines in the first five tags in the posts, and #thediarygameph to easily see the participants in our pre-contest.
6. You can share Diary Game every day but I will only choose the best one.
7. Share it on your Social Media Accounts for everyone will see it. (Optional)

And these are just the important rules and regulations in our Diary Game Contests.

In order for us to know who will win, we will look at the following in each of the Diary Game posts.

1. Story of the Diary Game.
2. Whether it reaches 300 words or more.
3. Correct tags.
4. For a greater chance of being selected, you need to share on Social Media and comment on the contest post announcement.

Most Number of Diary Game Post Entry of the Week

Here are the rules to follow:

  1. The rules and regulations of the Diary Game contest must be followed as mentioned above.
  2. The maximum number of entries will not increase to 7 Diary Game posts throughout the week.
  3. The Diary Game post must be within the week, we will start the week after announcing the winners of our Diary Game contest until the following week before we announce. in case your Diary Game post is still in the past week, that doesn’t qualify.

Dairy Game entries must starts from May 30, 2021, until June 6, 2021.

So for us to have a list of those who have shared and how many their qualified entries are, this is our update about it.

List of Diary Game Participants and Total Qualified Entries of the Week.

Username of ParticipantNumber of Qualified EntriesUsername of ParticipantNumber of Qualified Entries
@junebride4 Qualified Entries@sgbonus4 Qualified Entries
@jb1232 Qualified Entries@nhyxel2 Qualified Entries
@arjayyuson1 Qualified Entry@umbayangelica121 Qualified Entry
@jenny0181 Qualified Entry@mackoy021 Qualified Entry
@mikejosephortega1 Qualified Entries@creyestxsa942 Qualified Entries
@me2selah2 Qualified Entries@badz031 Qualified Entry
@jurich601 Qualified Entry@amayphin1 Qualified Entry
@chibas.arkanghil1 Qualified Entry@kneelyrac1 Qualified Entry
@sarimanok1 Qualified Entry

As of today, we have 17 Members who submitted a total of 26 Qualified Diary Game entries that may win the newest addition contest on our community and I am looking forward to other member's entries as well.


Daily "BEST COMMENT CONTEST" Day 7 Winners and New Topic

A new month and a new journey for us here in the community. Let us continue doing our "Daily Best Comment Contest" as we found out that our member's participation is growing every day. We again base our topic on a photo of my choice to be posted. I am glad that we can still continue this contest because of the unending support of @steemcurator01 and each and every one of us in the community.

We have a total of 6 members that commented on their ideas about the picture that I've posted. As I decided to base our topic on the picture that I choose is seems like a good idea for it will allow our members to analyze and share their thoughts about it. All entries were great and give me a problem for it is hard again for me to choose who will win. As I read all the entries, these three comments moved me and give me a full insight into the photo.

Image Source

1. @nickjon

2. @diosarich

3. @long888

All prizes have been sent:


Congratulations and thank you very much to all who participated!!!

For you to win, here are the rules;

We have changed already the way we base our topic and I think it works better. Just follow the rules below to join.

  1. The comment should only be related to the topic to be provided.
  2. Write a story about the topic with a minimum of 100 words.

Note: You can write in Tagalog, Bisaya, or English.

Every day we will choose the three with the best comments who will receive 1 STEEM each. As a consolation prize, all entries will receive an upvote from @steemitphcurator.


Say something about this PHOTO:

Image Source

If you want to help our Community by delegating and curating, you can do the following.

1. Quick Link
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  • Go to the Delegations Option


  • In Delegations, go to Delegate so you can delegate.


  • Type steemitphcurator and the amount of SP how much you want to delegate.


Then use the Active Key to make the delegation successful.

4. Curation Trail
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@steemitphcurator Curation Trail

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Simple Guide on How to Delegate and Follow @steemitphcurator Curation Trail

Hopefully, it will go through and be supported by the Steemit Team and Curators. Many thanks to the Steemit Team for their support, especially to:


closing banner.jpg

All Banners Credits to @deveerei. Thank you for the support.

GIF Footer Credits to @baa.steemit

Many Thanks to all and to God all the Praise and Thanksgiving !!!

 2 months ago (edited)

Congratulations sa lahat ng nanalo at salamat sa Prize. Will write again.

The photo illustrates the situation of the Transportation Sector in our society at this time of Pandemic:

The transportation sector has been one of the primary victims of COVID-19 during this coronavirus pandemic, the pressure on organizations has shifted from moving citizens to maintaining a core transportation system with a skeleton workforce to ensure freight and key essential workers can continue to move. The abrupt change in transportation operators' sources of revenue is a side effect of this shift, with many facing an unexpected financial shortfall. Organizations will need to plan ahead to ensure that the transportation network is ready to resume normal operations once the coronavirus pandemic lockdown measures are lifted.

The COVID-19 crisis has only served to emphasize the importance of transportation: over the last year, it has played a critical role in getting essential workers to work, keeping the economy afloat, and launching global vaccine distribution. However, the current situation has exposed the transportation industry's vulnerabilities, with operators all over the world experiencing major disruptions and revenue losses. As the world recovers from the pandemic, rethinking mobility is a top priority for improving countries' resilience and laying the groundwork for a greener, more inclusive recovery.

Even after the situation has calmed down, the perception of risk associated with congested areas may lead to a shift in preference for personal transportation modes. To put it another way, people may avoid taking public transportation in order to avoid crowds. The COVID lockdown is causing financial hardship for drivers. However, it is impossible to say whether these modes of transportation will have long-term economic consequences in terms of reduced travel demand.

 2 months ago 

Sila jud ang mas grabe na apektohan, luoy kaayo...

 2 months ago (edited)
Isang umaga inutusan si Juan ng kanyang ina na bumili ng mainit na pandesal. Habang naglalakad si Juan sa kalye liko liko, napatingin siya sa pangkat ng mga taong nagtipon-tipon at may hawak na mga plakard. Binasa ni Juan ang mga nakasulat dito at napukaw ang kanyang damdamin. Nakita ni Juan ang ama ni Berto na isa ding drayber, na umiiyak habang hawak ang plakard nakasulat ang mga salitang "Gutom na gutom na ang aking pamilya. Kailangan po naming maghanapbuhay upang mabuhay." Dito niya nalaman na maraming tao ang naghihinagpis sa panahon ngayon at isa na dito ang kanyang matalik na kaibigan.

Nagmamadaling umuwi si Juan bitbit ang mainit na pandesal sa kanilang bahay at agad-agad na sinabi sa kanyang mga magulang ang kanyang nakita. Nais niyang tulungan ang pamilya ni Berto, kaya agad niyang kinuha ang kanyang alkansiya at nagpaalam sa kanyang mga magulang na ibibigay niya ang kanyang naipon na pera sa pamilya ni Berto. Nag-iipon ng pera si Juan upang makabili ng biseklita ngunit handa siyang ipagpaliban ito. Napangiti ang kanyang mga magulang at dahan-dahang sinabi sa anak: dakila ang iyong adhikain. Agad na nagpunta siya sa bahay ni Berto upang iabot ang pera. Naabotan niyang hawak-hawak ni Berto ang kanyang sanggol na kapatid na umiiyak dahil hindi pa nakainom ng gatas.

Berto: Juan bakit ka nandito?
Juan: Inabot ang kanyang alkansiya, at sinabing tanggapin mo ito.

Umiiyak na lamang si Berto sa tuwa dahil meron na silang pambili ng gatas para sa kanyang kapatid. Agad ring nagpaalam si Juan kay Berto dahil kailangan pa niyang linisan ang kulungan ng baboy at pakain ang mga ito.

Habang pabalik ng bahay si Juan, muli niyang nadaanan ang drayber na may bahid ng tuwa sa kanilang mga mukha. Pinuntahan sila ng alkalde at pinangakoan na maari na nilang ilabas ulit ang kanilang mga jeep upang magamit sa pamamasada. Lingid sa kaalaman ni Juan, pinuntahan ng kanyang ama ang Alkalde upang kausapin, at dahil sa maaayos na pakikiusap ng kanyang ama nakumbinse ang Alkalde. Matalik na magkaibigan ang Alkalde at ama ni Juan kanya mas lalong napabilis ang proseso.

Linggo ng umaga, maagang gumising si Juan dahil na nakagawian na ng kanilang pamilya na magsimba. Tuwang-tuwa si Juan, dahil nakita niya ang ama ni Berto na namamasada ng jeep. Salamat po Panginoon!

Pag-uwi ng bahay may nakita si Juan na malaking karton sa harap ng kanilang bahay. Agad-agad na sumigaw ang kanyang magulang "Surprise!" Napaiyak sa tuwa si Juan habang binubuksan ang malaking karton at makita nito ang napakagandang biseklita. Salamat po ma at pa!

Ang kabutihang loob ay ang pag-alam ng pangangailangan sa kapaligiran at ang pag-alala sa pangangailangan ng iba.

All thanks,

 2 months ago 

Nakakalungkot po na storya pero ito talaga ang kasalukuyang nagyayari sa ating mga drayber, na sila talaga ang isa sa na apektohan...

 2 months ago 

Yes bro! Panahon na para bumalik sa normal...magpa vaccine na tayo!

 2 months ago 

Honestly, I had a hard time starting and collecting my thoughts in order to create at least something informative which readers could learn.

Anyway, the photo depicts the cry of one particular sector in society. But their cry could be rooted in the inherent rights a human being has.

Our constitution provides such rights and one of them is the right to life. People may not know it but we have the right to live and be happy. Be happy entails having enough resources to live a normal life. To have enough resources is to have a job or source of living.

But sometimes we should think also of the general welfare. If what we fight for is only for our own good but deprive the general public particularly the commuters of the opportunity to experience advanced technology when it comes to transport, we must think twice, those drivers might even be benefited from the change that is about to happen.


 2 months ago 

Meron talagang dalawang mukha na ating makikita dito, mukha nang mga drayber at mukha nang mga mananakay, subalit sino ngaba ang mas naghihirap o nangagailangan sa kanila. Sana sa kahit na ano mang paraan ay makapagbigay ang gobyerno na kung saan ang dalawang mukha ay matulongan...

 2 months ago 

Congrats all winners!

 2 months ago 

Congratulations to the winners!

 2 months ago 

Congratulations 👏

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