Steemit Philippines - Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 (Week 4) || "Famous Street Foods in your Place"

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Assalamu Alaikum. how are you all I hope everyone is doing well by the grace of Allah Taala. I am also very well by the grace of Allah. Today I will share with you the participation in the competition I am this Steemit Philippines - Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 (Week 4) || I will participate in "Famous Street Foods in your Place" competition Today's competition is very interesting I am happy to participate in the competition. For organizing such a beautiful competition Greetings to the #SteemitPhilippines community and @steemitblog. Let's begin.

cooking chula

All the ingredients needed to cook cholla are: chickpeas, onion, chili, garlic, ginger, chili powder, oil, water, salt as needed, ginger paste,


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First, batter onion, pepper, ginger and garlic in one place, light the stove, heat oil in a pot and add all the batter. First make the masala with a little water Then the soaking should be done For this cooking, chickpeas should be soaked in water for 8 to 9 hours After adding chickpeas, stir well, then one by one, add salt, chili powder, and spice turmeric. And cook on fire for one hour When it is well cooked, the chickpeas will be cooked 20 taka per 100 grams for cooking chickpeas, and steam price is 0.900 steam Chickpeas are much tastier when cooked And the special ingredient of this cooking is spices. That's why cooking chickpeas is much more delicious.

Chicken fries

All the ingredients required for frying chicken Onion, chili, ginger, turmeric, meat spices, chili powder, tomato powder, salt, lemon, sauce, cloves, red pepper, mustard oil.


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Chicken fries can be made in two ways, the first is fried in oil, the second is fried in the heat of fire To fry chicken, first wash the chicken well. Onion, chili, ginger, turmeric, meat spices, chili powder, tomato powder, salt, lemon, sauce, cloves, red pepper, everything should be mixed and rubbed with a back of chicken. After that, the oil should be heated. Then the fried chicken should be fried in oil. A chicken will be done by frying it in oil for 10 to 12 minutes. The cost of one back chicken is 50 rupees, and the steem price is 2.2 steem. The special ingredients of chicken fry are chicken and masala. Chicken fries are very tasty. This state food is often made in the markets of Bangladesh.


All the ingredients needed to make Jhalmuri are: Onion, chilli flakes, cooking chickpeas, tasty spices, fried, lemon, dal, coriander, meat spices.egg


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Jhalmuri is easy to make, first you need to take mudri in a bowl, then add onions, chillies, then fry them, then add chickpeas, lemon, dal meat spices and stir well with a stick. And that's what makes Jhalmuri And after pouring it in a bowl, add some egg yolk on top and it becomes a delicious street food jhalmuri. Jhalmuri price in our country is 10 taka, whose steam price is 0.450. The special ingredients of jhalmuri are muri and chickpeas.

Mughlai paratha

All the ingredients needed to make moghlai paratha are: flour, oil, onion, chilli flakes, eggs, chicken pieces, oil, water, salt.


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To make moghlai parathas, flour must first be converted into flour Then a piece of flour is called bread And egg, onion, pepper, cutlets, chicken pieces, salt should be mixed in a bowl Then everything mixed is placed on the bread and fried in oil And after frying in oil for 1-2 minutes, the moghlai will become partha After that it is cut like this., In our country the price of Moghlai Parota is 90 taka, the steam price of which is 3.800 taka. And the moghlai paratha is much bigger, and much tastier I almost eat moghlai paratha And the main ingredients of this moghlai paratha are chicken pieces, egg and flour.

Potato Chops

All the ingredients needed to make potato chops are: potato, onion, chili powder, chili powder, salt, gram flour, water, oil, etc.


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To make potato chops, first you need to boil the potatoes Then you need to add potatoes Then stir the potato filling in oil Then mix gram flour, water, salt, khaichuta, onion chilli flakes, etc. in a bowl to make a thin batter. After making the potato filling round and round, the potato chips are dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried in hot oil. Then fry for a few minutes and you will get delicious potato chops It is street food, besides in our country the price of potato chop is 5 taka which is steam price 0.250. This potato chop is very tasty And the main ingredients of potato chop are potato and besan.

Eggplant chops

All the ingredients needed to make eggplant chop are: eggplant onion, chili powder, chili powder, salt, gram flour, water, oil, etc.


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To make eggplant chops, first chop the eggplant You will need round eggplant Then mix onion, pepper, salt, khaichuta, gram flour, water and make a thin batter Then add the eggplant slices to the batter, add the batter to the eggplant slices and leave it in the hot oil filling. And fry for several minutes And this will make eggplant chop Eggplant chops are much tastier. Price of eggplant chop in Bangladesh is 5 taka, which is 0.250 steam price. Main ingredients for eggplant chop are eggplant and gram flour I eat eggplant chops almost every day And I like to eat any street food.

Agile Street

All the ingredients needed to make Chatap are: Onion, Chilli, Potato, Cucumber, Salt, Spices, Cooked Dal, Tamarind Sour etc.


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To make the chapati, first, big dal needs to be cooked, and the dal should be kept hot all the time, then onion, pepper, cucumber, lemon, salt, spices, besides breaking the blisters, add the dal after serving. Just put many kinds of tasty spices on top, then add egg yolk on top After that you have to add sour cream, only then it will be delicious chatap Chatop cost us 10 Tk in Bangladesh, there are more expensive chatop that cost 30,60 Tk. Which is 0.500 steem price, besides steem Besides, pulse is the main ingredient of Chatpati Banan. Smart girls eat more.

Fuska Street

All the ingredients needed to make fuska are: Onion, pepper, salt, cucumber, potato filling, many kinds of spices, fuska, egg, tamarind paste etc.


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To make fuska, firstly, you have to mash all the potatoes, onion, pepper, salt, cucumber, potato filling, many kinds of spices, fuska, cooking dal together. After that, everything should be broken and mixed in a blistered place After that, egg yolk should be given on top Then served with tamarind sour is much more delicious. Fuska price in our country is 20 rupees, and steam price is 0.900. Besides, the main ingredients of Puska are puska, potato, sour. The most favorite street food of girls in our country is this fuska Girls eat more Besides, boys also eat Besides, all street food is tempting, but fuska is the most tempting.

Saj Chop

All the ingredients needed to make Sajar Chop are: Sajar leaves, gram flour, salt, khaichuta, onion, chilli flakes, water etc.


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To make Sajar Chop, first make a batter with gram flour, chopped onion, chilli, salt and a little water. After that saj leaves should be mixed in batter and fried in hot oil After frying for 5 to 10 minutes, it becomes crispy In addition, the price of this juice chop in our country is 5 taka, which is 0.250 steem And the most important ingredients of Saj Chop are Saj leaves and Besan I love this sundae chop the most.

am happy to participate in such a beautiful competition. The competition is very interesting You will also participate in such a beautiful competition I am inviting some of my friends to this epic competition. Hope you friends will also participate. Everyone will be fine, stay healthy. Good luck to all.


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Thank you sir

Hello friend, it's a pleasure to greet you. The street foods that you show us this day look really appetizing, especially the chicken and if it is accompanied by French fries, much better.

The potato cutlets also look delicious.

Successes in the challenge. It was a pleasure visiting your publication. Greetings and blessings.

Thank you mam

  • Thank you so much for sharing your valuable post with us. You have shared with us pictures of many street foods in your area. All the food are looking very tasty. You have prepared this material very well. I really liked your post. Best of luck in the competition.

Great post with delicious food.

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