The Diary Game Season 3 (06-22-2021 ) Planning Ahead for the Future

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Good Day Guys

Let me share with you how my day went. I still had a crappy sleeping schedule, I slept at around 3 am in the morning and woke up at 6. I was then doing my blog and I received a text from my workmate that she won't carpool with me because she had to go somewhere in the morning. I then got ready for work. I drove myself to work using my brother's car and I was surprised that there wasn't any traffic. I then went to park the car at our family friend's place. I had to open the gate myself and there was a really long line that reached the front of the gate for the vaccination. I then walked to my workplace after that. Went through the triage and then logged in. I went to our department and was just waiting for our doctor to come and endorse our patients.

I doctor came and endorsed me the patients. One of our patients is on hold and the other one is a new patient. I had to go to the new patient and treat his neck area. As soon as I reached his room, there was a student nurse inside. The patient wanted him to take his Blood pressure. He was taking a really long time fixing his stethoscope so I decided to take it myself. I then started with the treatment, I was just talking with him and he said that it started when he felt weakness in his body. He was feeling dizzy the whole treatment time and I can only do things mildly because he suffered from a mild stroke. After finishing this patient, I went down to our department and disinfected, charged, wrote the notes, and updated our doctor. I was just resting and waiting for our other doctor to do the rounds for our other new referral.


Lunchtime came and we ate lunch, suddenly one of my colleagues told me that our doctor was calling me, I was surprised because my colleague dad had a mild stroke, they had to rush him up using an ambulance coming from Zambales. I kinda felt bad for the dad because I remember meeting him last November. They let me stay at their place for 4 days. We were supposed to treat him, but our doctor said to go to him later in the afternoon so he could sleep.

While waiting, I was using the kalimba of my workmate. I was able to formulate the tabs of Can't Help Falling In Love by ear and it felt really good. A few hours have passed and my colleague said that his dad was still asleep, so I said to him that let him rest and treat him tomorrow.

I was chatting with my workmate who passed the Licensure Exam of Dubai also. We were planning already on what we should do. We had to let one of the agencies fix the remaining process of the DHA. We were thinking of getting the Apostille and then when to resign. I spoke to one of our colleagues who is already there in Dubai and he referred me to his travel agency. I was really shocked by what the agent was asking and he was asking what's my travel date. I still couldn't answer because I couldn't resign yet because we have a 1-month notice before resigning. I'm still in awe that everything is happening so fast. I was also shocked by the expenses. But I guess this would become an investment for the future.

Our doctor came, and it was around 3:45 already. Our usual cut-off is at 3:30 and endorsed to me the patient at around 4:10. I had to treat the patient. When I was hearing about the history of the patient, she was a battered wife wherein the husband hit heard head that caused a subdural hemorrhage. They brought him to the mental ward. I really felt bad for that patient. I had to don my PPE's and went to the 4th floor where she was located. When I saw her she was really thin, it's like she wasn't eating at home. She really looked neglected. She was a bit disoriented and deaf when I treated her. She was able to tolerate most of the exercises and then I went down. Disinfected and got ready to go home.

Before going home, I decided to visit the parents of my colleague in the hospital room and it was nice seeing them again after how many months. I really feel bad for the state of the dad, I was telling him to take care of himself already.

I drove going home and my colleague rode with me, it was raining really hard and thankfully it wasn't traffic. When I got home I just started snacking on everything that was available. After snacking I ate dinner, then used my computer. I really feel crappy that the market is red right now, but I'm thinking that this is a good buying opportunity. But I don't have extra fiat right now because I have to pay for my trip in the future. I then slept for a while and then my siblings were waking me up to play GTA V online. We were also able to play with my cousin who's in the states. It was a really fun gaming night. I slept early in the morning again.

I hope that you guys had a wonderful day!


Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

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