The Diary Game Season#3_07/05/21_ Troubled Mind

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Hello everyone! It's nice to be back once again. Things has not been so appealing these days that I tend to cringe whenever I think of making my Diary because as the term diary speaks for itself, I couldn't help myself but think of what has been happening around my surroundings, my faith, the endless questions of why's and what not! But since am already here, then there's no stopping now. The thorns that kept on pricking in my heart seems unbearable!


You may wonder why what has been going on inside this troubled mind so let me speak as I write as to why I haven't gone to church for a long time though I still listen to the online preaching of our pastor. I consider it a sin to go to church when my heart is filled with anger to those people who tried to ruin my self composure and self esteem. But it doesn't mean that I no longer believe in God. It's just that the pain is still deep inside that forgiveness is not the right word to cleanse my heart when there's no one who asked for forgiveness or shall we say those who said they're sorry because they're not in any sense of word but rather they feast on their own ways of torturing the already injured party.


So pray tell me my dear readers, this troubled mind is asking for your refuge to suffice the agonies of this lost soul. The rain is falling down like the endless tears from my blurry eyes but like the rain from the heavens, it must stop to once again feel the coolness of the wind after the storm.

Now that I've already poured my heartaches here, the yoke that I had been carrying on my shoulder felt a little lighter now. Thank you for reading.


 2 months ago 

Laban lang tayo sa hamon ng buhay. Marunong akong mag-advice pero hindi maeapply sa sarili.

 2 months ago 

Yes dong. Kaya Laban lang kaysa mabuang hahaha. But you're right. This is what makes life a very colorful one.

 2 months ago 

My God! I feel the same feeling with you pero laban lang. prayer sent my dear sister. God be with you.

 2 months ago 

Oo sis, nkkawindang pag may naririnig kang na mga salita. Malapit na kasi BD niya. Di nila matanggap sila may kasalanan SA lahat. Kung Di nila pinaghimasukan buhay naming mag-asawa disin sana ay buhay pa kapatid nila.:€

 2 months ago 

Mabuhay at Magandang araw!!! Maraming salamat po sa pagbahagi nang iyong Diary Game post sa araw na ito. Ang iyong Diary po ay kwalipikado para sa Diary Game contest sa linggong ito (Week 12). Maaring bisitahin ang ating Community Account para sa karagdagang impormasyon.

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