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What is club5050? And how it works?

I will never regrets that I had made this decision of joining the #club5050 program. Which is a very good thing that every individual here must commit. Base on my experience it was really awesome as club5050 user.

On the other side, so that the steem ecosystem will be completely stable and sustainable for the future.


1.) On your own opinion, what can you say about this program?

Own insights and ideas, positive side of club5050.

• Better chance to be supported by big curators (steemcuartor01 and steemcurator02).

• Able to sustain the steem currency in the market.

• To help stable the steem ecosystem.

• Better and brighter future of steem blockchain.

• Boost the steem power in my steem wallet.

• Can be able to support newbies so that they grow.

• Control the cash-out of steem in the steem market.

• Greater the percent of amount to your savings which is powering up.

2.) What have you learned about this program?

I have learned about this program on how to balance and check the steem and SBD activities within a 30 days of my steem wallet. By both comparing equally my steem and SBD cash-out to the exchange market and my steem power-up. Which is by increasing the steem power of my steem wallet. For you to check, simply tap this link;





3.) What are the reasons why everyone should participate in the #club5050?

I have encourage everyone here in steemit to joined and participate the #club5050. For some following important reasons;

• Inorder to make the steem blockchain sustainable and stable for the future.

• To compete in other social media platforms.

• To be well-known in all social media platforms.

4.) What is your open message to the Steemit Team about the #club5050 initiative?

Dear steemit team,



First of all, I would like to say thank you! For all the support and initiaves. That you have done for the benefits of all of us here in steemit. I have tried my best and beyond all of my knowledge inorder to support and have my little gratitude towards steemit. By participating and joining the #club5050 hastag that you have organized. And I am very glad and happy abiding all the rules of this program.

Kindly accept my short and heartful message.

Mabuhay steemit! Cheers #club5050!

For my support also to the community. I'll set my 20% rewards towards @steemitphcurator.

And as part of the contest rules, I will be inviting 3 of my friends to submitt their entry; @bien, @amayphin, @jeanalyn.





 2 months ago 

Thank you.for sharing your point of view about this wonderful program of Steemit. ❤

 2 months ago 

Your welcome maam. Same with as well!

 2 months ago 

Judge: @juichi

Criteria for judgingRate 0-10
1. Relevance to the theme.9.7
2. Creativity.9.6
3. Technique.9.7
4. Overall impact.9.7
5. Story quality.9.6
Total Rating9.66
 2 months ago 

Salamat sa ratings sir.

 2 months ago 

I am greatly impressed by the fact that the #Club5050 for you is a commitment to the Steemit Platform to ensure sustainability for more members to come.
Thank you for sharing your insight.

Overall rating: 9.7

 2 months ago 

Salamat po!

 2 months ago 

• Able to sustain the steem currency in the market.

• To help stable the steem ecosystem.

• Better and brighter future of steem blockchain.

• Boost the steem power in my steem wallet.

Yes to this, for it will surely help not just us but the entire platform itself.

Score: 9.5

 2 months ago 

Maojud. Salamat sa ratings brad.

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