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Hi, everyone.

Today, I wanted to share my experience of being a member of the #club5050 program of the #steemit team. Which is an awesome decision that I have made in dealing with the hashtag #club5050 here in #steem blockchain.

Sharing and showing my little bit knowledge on how to be a hashtag #club5050 member. In which, kindly tap the link below. Inorder to check your #steem and SBD activities within a 30 days of period. By comparing and balancing your #steem power-up to your #steem cash-out for the last 30 days. Or much better your #steem power-up is greater than your #steem cash-out.

This is the link:


Ex. (My #steem power-up for the last 30 days)

1.) Just simply tap the link that I have given above.


2.) Then tap the "normal transfer" in a box.


3.) Select the "transfer to vesting".


4.) Type your username "from" (ex. natz04) in a box.


5.) Type in the "date range" (ex. from 10-07-2021 to 11-07-2021).


6.) Then tap "search".


7.) And then you will see your total steem power-up below the records.



Ex. (My #steem cash-out for the last 30 days)

1.)No need to tap the "normal transfer". Just type directly your username "from" (ex. natz04) in a box.


2.) Type in the "date range" (ex. from 10-07-2021 to 11-07-2021).


3.) Then tap the "search".


4.) And you will see your total steem cash-out below the records.


Point of view:

My #steem power-up is higher than my #steem and SBD cash-out.


Having and using the hashtag #club5050 deal in every of my post was quite interesting and exciting. But rather not to expect too much so that it will not be turn to disappointment. But just continue to create and make some good content and quality post. And sooner or later it will be notice.

Where it is really expressing a good feeling when there is someone (@steemcurator01) supporting and messaging on your post. And telling you like this "#club5050 😀" with a smiley face.


Which it is really exciting and overwhelming to reply a short message of "thank you". It sounds like telling silently, yes I've made it! Expect the unexpected individual visiting and wrote under your post which is really AWESOME!

Hopes this is informative.



 2 months ago 

Keep powering up Sir!

 2 months ago 

Salamat maam!

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