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Although it was too late to post it now because recognition days of schools was already finished. But the most important thing was I will share it heartily dedicated to our almighty God with thanksgiving of my two daughters achievement...

As parents, it is really a great honor to see our daughters achievement in school. Which awarded us with honors in school in a year end. It really makes papa and mama proud of...

First and foremost, the emcee announced that the processional starts at exactly 1:00 pm. Whether the student awardees were absent or come late in the starting line, the program will really start...

In the starting area, all parents were really busy in locating their exact place. To where they should stand accompanying with their students. Because before the recognition day, in the rehearsal day there are parents who will not going to attend, they are absent. So that's why there might be a little bit conflict in the processional area but on the other hand it was still solved by usherette teachers...

So the processional starts immediately, all parents was really happy walking on the red carpet. Bringing with a sweet smiles pose on the cameras accompanied with their daughter or son. No words can say to see the parents ultimate days in their lives. Just like what I had feel in deep inside of me. I almost drop my tears because in behalf of the hardships that we are encountered. My eldest and third daughters was still trying their best to have an honor awards in the schools...



After the processional, there are awarding students with high honors who will share their inspirational messages towards their fellow with honor student, parents and teachers. And followed by the special number of singer teachers titled "Nothing's gonna stop us". The students, parents and teachers are also enjoying singing to the two performer teachers which lively sing the song. It was really a meaningful message of the song...


Whereas, aside from student achievements. There are also other awards which granted to each teacher with assignments. And service loyalty awards to the respective teachers with the length of service of 30-40 years of service in the school. So this is really inspiring and amazing service loyalty awards to these teachers...


And lastly the inspirational words came from the school principal. Which it really makes majority of the parents really cries. Mostly to the mothers, their tears was really falling down its faces hearing the message of the school principal. Fresh from my mind that she said, "You all harvested the fruits of your labor parents". This was a clear inspirational message which I'd heard from the school principal. Very, very meaningful message...

So from that it was already the recessional. The emcee announces for the next school enrollment. Where and when it will starts? And then saying the RECESSIONAL...


After, we take a selfies with my daughter then going back home bring with full of inspirations...




This is a proud papa...


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Congratulations po sainyu and sa mga anak niyo po. Indeed, one of the proudest moments talaga yan ng mga parents.

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Thank you...

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Thank you for the support...

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Salamat maam...

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Congratulations 👏🎉 to your daughter

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Thank you.

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Congratulations sir!

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Salamat dam..

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