Burnsteem25: Cultivating my Basil Herbs

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Are you a green thumb? Join me here...

Let's going to be green and topic again about backyard gardening. Who knows there are some brilliant ideas who can also share their gardening techniques. And aside a good planting knowledge who will leads to commit a successful gardening...

Actually there are people who are really born with green thumb/green fingers. Which they almost spent it's time towards it's plant specifically vegetables. Just like myself [hahaha] were almost exchanges faces to the vegetable plants...


But it is still beneficial towards the whole family when it is already on the harvest. And even the neighbors dawat lag limpyo kay sige lag pangayo ug kamunggay or utanon sa silingan...

Or else you've planted then the others will harvested, by the thief. Anyway it is just alright as long as they consume for the living...


So since the rainy season is coming in the Philippines. Then it is advisable and good to plant a variety of vegetables in the backyard. And for sure it is lively and growing too fast...

Which for now I wanted to share my homesteading activity. Which I am cultivating my newly- grown basil herbs. Coz due to a successive rains, so my basil herbs was rapidly it's fast growing...


Which these basil flower seeds give by my close friend. Then I planted it 4 weeks ago by scattering it's dried flower seeds in a pot. And look at it now, the seedlings is almost growing it's six big leaf...


Whereas these basil herbs is very useful in some ingredients. Particularly in viand or maybe in some menu recipes. Because of it's leaf scent it has really had a big purpose...


Then here in the Philippines, basil herbs used it's leaves as scent in a particular viand. Likes in utan bisaya, inun- unan and fish tinola. It is also uses in herbal medicines...

I really admire on these plant because of it's magical scent. It is like potion that really make attracts somebody. Or it is just have a magic on the leaf because of it's scent...


So that's why how I am eager to plant this kind of plants. To include it in my backyard variety vegetables because it is also one of a kind...

So always be inspired to have a green sorrounding...




Sprout🌱, sprout🌱, sprout🌱!

 2 months ago 

Thank you for supporting my post...

 2 months ago (edited)

mao ni nindot if naa tai garden at home no, plus kugihan pa jud... murag "hamotan" ang tawag namo ani sa bohol ba😊

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 2 months ago 

Oh daghan ni syag ngan maam. Sangig pud ni dri cebu

 2 months ago 

Galing mo naman brad

 2 months ago 

Salamat maam..

 2 months ago 

naa sad ko mga basil na tanum sir. :)

 2 months ago 

Gamit jud kaayo na maam..

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