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Good Day Fellow Steemians!


It's my pleasure to introduce my self again. I'm Ma. Lourdes Igoy born and raised in Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City. I'm 28 years old. We are eight members in my family including me. I have completed my bachelors degree at University of Cebu - LM in Office Administration.



After completing my Bachelors degree, I started as an Office staff but lasted only 6 months and then shift to another job and became a Cashier of one of the big shopping malls here in Cebu for 3 months. I took a break for a quite sometime and applied again as an English Teacher here in Lapu-Lapu City. I didn't expect to stay for almost 2 years which was very ironic because its far from my craft. Unfortunately, the school shut down due to unfortunate events.



Once upon a time, I entered the world of CS Representive for a short period of time. I really had so much fun working with them, it was not an easy job but a challenging one.



Moving on, I do really love travelling especially at the beach with my family and friends. It's very important for everyone to travel once in awhile. You can get to know another culture and its customs.



Lastly, I came from a big family which consist of 8 members now because my father died 5 years ago due to accident, while my mother is a housewife she's the one who takes care of us. Financially, my grandmother is the one who supported us eversince for everything. Both parents didn't had a stable job back then. Fortunately, we work hard to finish school to give back my grandma and family in the future. I have to look after my siblings since I am the eldest.


I started my journey on this platform 4 years ago. My sister introduced me to joined this comminity and to learned on how to earned money.


This was the time I had given to chance to met our fellow steemians. I was so shy back then, para ekonomiya laban pa rin hanggang ngayon.
Honestly, I am not active on this platform but my sister is the one who keep me updated until now.


I also shared my travel adventure here, and it's funny that it has become your diary everytime you check your post you remember where you went and how beautiful that place was. It relieves stress to travel even if it's cheap or economical travel atleast you're happy.


And of course, who doesn't like good food. I really want to share especially the foods that are popular in your area.

Let me end this by saying "It's not where you are in life. It's who you have by your side that matters."

Thanks to my sister @mayann who introduced me to join again here.


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Hi, @mysassy!

Thank you for participating in the verification process, and welcome to the community!

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Thank you, and see you around! :)

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Thank you for the warm welcome..

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Mabuhay at Maraming salamat sa pag verify.

Sa karagdagang impormasyon, paki bisita po ang ating Community Account at ibang Social Media Accounts.

New Contest

Diary Game Contest with new Rule Added

God Bless po!!!

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Thank you po

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Mabuhay at Congratulations dahil isa ang post na ito sa napiling recommendation post para sa @booming upvote sa araw na ito. Maghintay na lang po bukas o higit pa kung natanggap ang post mo.

Sa karagdagang impormasyon, paki bisita po ang ating Community Account at ibang Social Media Accounts.

Maraming Salamat po!!!

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Thank you po.

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Halo! Welcome Bisaya! Kadaghan gyug bisaya! Kalingaw!

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Mao lge, Salamat. Laban Bisaya!

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