The Diary Game (November 30, 2022): Happy Birthday To ME!

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Birthdays are special days to celebrate once birth in this mortal existence. This being said, Yesterday was my birthday. I am grateful that I was given another year of life. There was no fancy celebration but it was a day of gratitude and giving.

Just like any other day, I still need to attend to our children's needs especially taking them to school and picking them up. As a mother, this is one role that I need to fulfill every school day not to mention the daily house chores.

My husband of course, needs to report to work and so our simple celebration came in the evening. It was our plan to just dine outside. The evening came, we dressed up to go out and rode our way to a nearby restaurant. Unexpectedly on our way, we saw our church full-time missionaries. We pulled over and ask them if they had eaten dinner and they said they had not eaten their dinner yet. Without, hesitation, we invited the two missionaries to dine with us. Told them to meet us on the restaurant where we planned to go. We can't let them ride on our car because there is no more space for two persons.

And so we met at the restaurant. I'm sorry I was not able to take a photo of the name of the place but it's name is Papsy's BBQ located in Talamban, Cebu City.

We took a groupie while waiting for our food. Our missionaries were a Filipino and American,

This daughter of ours is fond of taking photos.

Our food was chicken barbeque with unlimited rice, pancit and chopsuey.



Took a family groupie while waiting for the missionaries to finish washing their hands.

Our hungry stomachs were filled with the delicious food we ordered.. We also had a great chat with the Elders (that's what we call our missionaries in our church). We used to feed missionaries in our home before the pandemic. This opportunity to share our blessings to them is one way of showing our support for the work they do for our church.

When were done with dinner, we then part ways with hearts filled with gratitude both for the food and for the added year to my life.

I then took another selfie with our children to end the day.

No fancy and extravagant celebration. No cake this time. Just me, my family and the missionaries. We were actually being practical. Just a little expense. :)

Thank you for reaching this far and taking the time to read my diary today. Inviting @gemeex, @yansk09 and @jurich60 to share their diaries too!

Until next time!



 4 months ago 

Woah... simple celebration is always the best ate.

May God grant your wish in your life and Belated happy birthday 🎂 to you ate!
God bless you! And your family and those missionaries.

 4 months ago 

thank you Jess!

 4 months ago 

Wow! Daming handa! Happy birthday talaga. Yan naman the most important thing is you are with the people you live on your special day, plus the best part is you are healthy, happy and beautiful. With the presence of the missionaries! Wow! You are truly blessed sis. It was like the heavens were with you as well.

 4 months ago 

thank you sis! happy gyud n birthday kay just had my annual check up and ok mga results ng lab. wala taas cholesterol and sugar. mao happy. makakaon lami hahaha

 4 months ago 

Kalami ana te ui.. gegutom noon ko. hehe,
Belated happy birthday :)

 4 months ago 

thank you Ry! kaon ta!

 4 months ago 

Belated happy birthday. Simple but full of memories cannot be forgotten. I am happy with you, too.

 4 months ago 

thabk you Ate! kaning nagkaedad na ta d ta ganhan samok. hehe

 4 months ago 

Happy Birthday maam..

 4 months ago 

Thank you Sir!

 4 months ago 

Happy birthday murang 18 yrs old pa

 4 months ago 

Thanks Nay. Miga gyud ta hehe

 4 months ago 

Oo miga miga

 4 months ago 

Belated happy birthday te. Nindot kaayo naka dine in mo with full-time missionaries.

 4 months ago 

Natiming sad na naglakaw sila pauli na unta among naagian.

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