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RE: Steemit Philippines Photography Contest Week #5 - Filipino Food Photography : Extra Creamy Special Pinoy Halo'2x - Dessert for Filipino | 20% to steemitphcurator

in Steemit Philippines3 months ago
Judge: @loloy2020
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Theme: Filipino Food Photography
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Used the #steemexclusive tag
At least 300 Words
set @steemitphcurator 20% benefactor
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1. Relevance to the theme9.5
2. Creativity9.5
3. Technique9.5
4. Overall impact9.5
5. Quality of story9.5
Total Ratings/Score9.5

Sana all nag Mang Inasal...Hahahahah

 3 months ago 

Ahahaha, mang inasal lang sir sakalam 😂

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