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RE: What Broke My Heart Today

in Steemit Philippines3 months ago

Is that your doggo? Or a stray Shih Tzu? My heart breaks for this poor bubba! What's the cause of her wounds?

Add Mondex or Dextrose Powder to her water. It'll cost 20-80 Php depending on the size. If she will not drink, use a syringe. Remove the needle. Or you can use a dropper. Tiki-tiki is okay, too. But, it's better to send her to the vet; however, the expenses are quite high. :'(

 3 months ago 

I too also want to send her to the vet pero walang vet po rito. Hindi po siya sakin, sa tita ko po siya. Inuwi na po ng papa k osamin dahil sa sobrang awa, hindi ko po alam cause ng sugat pero nung nakitq po ng papa ko is nilalanggam po siya. Good thing inuwi to give her chance to survive at maalagaan. Thank you po sa advice niyo, susundin ko po yan.

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