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Write only the words that feel right in your mouth because they are yours. Because we all need to hear from you, and you need to hear from us. What other way is there to find out who you are? The content we share reflects our passion for a particular field. We value our peers' talents if we value our time on #Steemit. We must illustrate this, or else we will be the only ones cocooned in our own world.

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Feel obligated to use your skills to enhance the world, because this is our home, not a hotel, so don't check out, stay awake, and stay with those who value you so much. Keep in mind that you were given it as a birthright. Simply write, continue to write, and be as bold as you dare. Actively encourage yourself to let it out, let it go, and then let it be.

I discovered the difference by searching online for examples some time ago. It's simple to master, and it instantly improves the appearance of your writing. Some writers start with meticulous planning, while others start with a single moment or phrase and let it develop naturally like crystals on a string. Work can sometimes appear intuitively. Both methods are effective for numerous different types of creative writers. Discover what works best for you! A talented writer can make something out of almost any subject. Even in the middle of a piece you feared would be less than exceptional, inspiration can strike.


I've been with #Steemit for four years now and my world has turned 360 degrees thanks to #Steemit, which has given me a prolific of blessings and has also helped me improve my writing style. Modesty aside, I now scribble beautiful and meaningful poetry, fiction short stories and I really love the art of writing and engage more, and having fun with my craft. I enjoy writing a blog that is beneficial to both my well-being and the well-being of others. To top it all off, #Steemit assists me financially; I am able to save what I have earned here for my son's maintenance medications and other medications that he requires.

With perseverance and dedication, I learned a great deal with the platform. I invest time and create content that suits each topic, contest, challenge. Made many friends even virtual and sometimes we catch up individually to know more about each other. We share opinions and concepts. It teaches me how to expand my understanding of cryptocurrencies. What wallet to use. How to invest adequately and grow profits with #Steemit.

I will always be a writer, it was imprinted into my soul. My ideas come out of me like a heart that wants to write all day and night. This heart of mine is such a charmer. It flows through the words as if it were in ballet, savoring every single performance. It comes in the form of a river, often gentle but with a flow that appears to know where it's going. It comes to be born rather than molded, to reveal its true nature. When a writer truly loves, when the genre is the proof of the loving heart, it is a lot of me and a lot of divine inspiration, or that is how I see it when a writer truly loves when the originality is the proof of the loving heart.

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I am @joshuelmari. My family and friends call me Joyce, some call me Diosa. I've got mixed blood, Greek-Italian-Spanish-Filipino. I am a single parent, and there are so many things that I love to be a mother. A mother is made up of a bundle of feelings that often contradict rationality and sometimes refer to the use of common sense and instincts in raising children—no special knowledge is required, and all of these behaviors are embedded in some biological instinct. My eldest is married and she has a 10-year-old boy (yes, I am a grandma) and they're living away from me. My youngest child has an Epileptic Cerebral Palsy (as I stated in my introductory post in this community) and is now 21 years old. I finished my Bachelor of Science in Tourism at a prominent university in Metro Manila, the Centro Escolar University. I am a true-blue Dabawenya.

Davao City a place of lovely and welcoming people who have smiles that are infectious. Mostly Visayan-born, bred, and migrants are its constituencies. Few realized that there were indigenous people belonging to separate ethnic communities among the majority of the population that continue to practice their traditions, as evidenced by its arts and crafts.

The Davao Region is situated in the southeast of the island of Mindanao, close to the Davao Gulf. Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Sur, and Bukidnon from its northern border. It is bordered on the east by the Philippine Sea and on the west by the provinces of Central Mindanao. The Davao Region is bordered to the east by Micronesia in the Southern Pacific Ocean, and to the south by the Celebes Sea.

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I am a writer who weaves and evolves my time between blogging, writing poetry and fiction stories, crocheting, gardening, baking, and caring for my physically and intellectually challenged son in order to create the random ideas that quench my thoughts.

It is this sense that strengthens my spirit, allowing me to face both storms and sunny days with equal vigor. Thank you, #Steemit, for providing such a wonderful environment for the growth of love and confidence to blossom. I am also glad that I am a part of this incredible community, #SteemitPhilippines. On top of that, I would like to thank and congratulate our administrator and founder, @loloy for his dedication to the community and to the newly created Filipino moderators.

Godspeed Steemit Philippines Community!


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 2 months ago 

Yes dear, let's keep the ball rolling!

 2 months ago 

Yeah! Let's make it to the moon!

 2 months ago 

Thank you siater nag verify naka ug ako sab.

 2 months ago 

You are welcome sis. Magtinabangay ta para makalampus.

 2 months ago 

Next ko ni palit pag pentel pen kanina ahehehe

 2 months ago 

Pen lang sis tapos doblehen mo. Ok n yun. Baka may mga crayons mga apo mo. Hiramin mo.

 2 months ago 

Lets work together. 😊

 2 months ago 

Yes bro. Together we can make it...Basta tulong2x, sama2x. Panalo tayong lahat.

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Hello po @joshuelmari,

Maraming salamat po sa iyong pagsali at pag verify nang iyong sarili sa ating Steemit Philippines Community.

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, paki bisita po ang ating Community Account.

Click po dito

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Salamat sa pagverify sa akin. God speed.

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Ngil ngig gyud poetess kahit saan ilagay the poet in you rocks...

 2 months ago 

hahaha. kay talaga! I am just bewitched with words.