Steemit Philippines|| November 25, 2022|| "How To Power Up Your Steem?"

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A pleasant day to each of us...!

Steem tokens is very useful here in our platform. Because of this, we can be able to curate, posts, comments and other steemit tasks or activities. Every post we make, we also curated by other big curators and their curation contains a value depends on how unique our posts it is.

For today's post or topics, I will share my ideas about steps of Powering Ups of our steem but first allow me to share also my ideas on what are the benefits we gain if we always Powering up. I am not also perfect steemit users, I already powering down my account for a reason but I started to perform my tasks very well by Powering up again and I really promise for keeping my steem power even higher and higher. Now, back to our main topic, the benefits we have by doing power up are this following;

👍 Helps our account to improve very well.
👍 It helps to our community by means of delegating.
👍 Our savings will be higher and higher.
👍 Our upvotes will have value that will also help to other steemit users.
👍 We can help steemit new members by Delegating.
👍 A chance to become whale and curated by steemitcurators.
👍 The more delegations we make, the more incentives we have.


This are the benefits we have if we followed this good practices. First, our accounts will be improved if we do this. Our Steem power will increase including the curation value. This will help to make others more couraging to be consistent also here in steemit. By means of delegating to our community also we can help also by doing this so that the community will have a great amount of Steem power to give a proper curations rewards to all posts.

Our community is a very big help to us so that we can have rewards to all posts and to all steemit members. If we delegate the community and members, we can have incentives or commision depends of the amount we delagted. There are also a chance to support and curated our posts by steemcurators.

Step On How To Power Up Our Steems;

There are few steps on how to power up our steems;

👉 Step 1:


Go to your wallet and click the sign 🔽 on steem section.

Next click the word "Power Up".

👉 Step 2:


Enter the amount of the steem tokens you wanted to power up. The balance are already indicated below the box.

After that, click the word "Power Up".

👉 Step 3:


After clicking, the format will appear just like this and then click "OK".

📝 Note:

By Doing powering up, the keys we are going to use is Active Keys so that it will continue and confirmed our Steem Powering Ups.
Let us help with each other as one family here in steemit platform particularly steemit philippines and together we can gain a success by blogging.
The 25% from this post payout will be shared to @null to support #burnsteem25 program.
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Super duper helpful, thank you Del.

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Youre welcome ate..

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Thanks for sharing this kuya!
So much helpful 😉 and also the benefits thanks for stating it.

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Youre welcome

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Oy super helpful especially for the beginners, thanks for sharing this.

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Youre welcome ate


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A very helpful guide for a newcomer like me

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