#Burnsteem25 #Club75 Diary Game 8.6.2022 Zipline in Lake Danao, Camotes

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Yesterday my family and I went to Camotes Island to celebrate my husband's birthday. He often told me that he wants to see the beauty of this island. Luckily, my sister's husband is from that gorgeous island. My sister's brother in law celebrated his birthday a day after my husband's. In short, it was a fun trip for everyone especially I got helped in taking care of my 14 months old baby. Actually it's my daughter's first time to travel a long distance from home.


When we arrived at the island, there was a multicab waiting to take us on a tour. It was convenient for us since we brought a lot of things like baby's stuffs and her crib. One of the places we had visited was Lake Danao. It is located in the northern part of the Pacijan island, one of Camotes islands' smaller islands in Cebu Province.


The Place*
Lake Danao has variety of fun activities to do. There's boating, kayaking, paddle boats, zoo with lots of monkeys, forest like car park, eat on the floating cottages, and some others that are not open yet since pandemic. The entrance fee was only 5 pesos each or 0.34 steem per person.


At the Lake Danao, the family decided to experienced paddle boat. For the zipline activity which was breathtaking, my husband and I together with my niece @jesmilingirlover took the fun! It was not my first zipline adventure yet I was scared a little bit.

Zipline adventure
To be able to experience Lake Danao zipline we need to pay 250 pesos per person or roughly 17 steem. After that we need to climb the steel structure about the size of up to 5th floor building to reach the starting point. Together with the guide, they will attached you a safety harness to make sure that you will land to the other side of the lake safely.


When safety measures are done well, take a deep breath and just shout to release stress. For my experienced on that time, I was the last one who did zipline after my husband and niece. I was able to take videos of them. Its my turn I asked the guide to take some photos of me. I'm glad have at least few before the ride.


It was a quick ride. Estimated 1 minute to get to the other part of the lake. There were staffs waiting to send us back to the park using a motor boat.

It was a day full of fun and adventure! Hopefully you can try it too soon. Camotes is a beautiful island. Relaxing and full of amusement.

That's my week all about. How about @jes88 @sweetspicy @jaofran, share your diary game soon. See you!

 6 months ago 

I see you're all enjoying. It is good to have some time with the family amidst busyness...

 6 months ago 


 6 months ago 

ka brave heart sa beautiful mama oi, atras ko anang zip ba... saka ako kabuhi ana😁

 6 months ago 

Kuyaw lang na sa sinugdanan master pero ig naa na sa tunga ok na😁

 6 months ago 

biliba oi, pero d jud ko, bahala na😁

 6 months ago 


 6 months ago 

sounds so much fun!

 6 months ago 

It was😁

 6 months ago 

Enjoy your vacation God bless you!

 6 months ago 

Thanks. God bless you too!

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