Women's Months Celebrations 2023!

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March 18, 2023, was our 181 Relief Society Anniversary Celebration in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, here in Cebu City Stake.

Our theme is OPM (Original Pinoy Music). Our group in Lahug Ward chose remix music, four songs(Panalo, Bebot, Sumayaw ka, Haypa) in three minutes. A hip-hop dance.

And we agreed that we will only wear a black top since this colour is very common so we won't spend more and the bottom can be any colour, jogger pants, jeans, leggings, whatever we have.

received_256385560052896.jpegGroup picture after putting letters on our black top

For the letters OPM on our top, we just cut a Carolina and double-sided tape to stick it. So that we won't spend money on printing shirts.

IMG_20230317_180606.jpgMaterials we use, cartolina, double side tape and scissors

We cut the letters Friday afternoon (03.17.23) before our final dance practice. And we practice for four weeks, every Wednesday and Friday 7-8 pm only.

We were able to exercise during dance practice, and not only that but our bond and friendship grew even deeper. This is a memory that will not be forgotten during dance practice, it was very fun, and the laughter was real.

Our beautiful choreographer is also kind and patient so even senior citizens can get the dance steps. Because relief society is from 18 years old and above.

I'm always in the back of the dance formation, I always choose the back because I'm too lazy to memorize the dance steps ahahha, I just look at the one in front of me, especially our choreographer who is in front.

received_943105880071483.jpegStolen shot while we're dancing.

received_791234235962161.jpegGroup picture right after dancing in the floor.

During our Relief Society Christmas party 2022, the theme was the 1980's and I was also in the back that's why in the picture you can't see me hahaha or even in the video.

But I always join in dance presentations when there are events like that even if I'm in the back and for adding to the attendance I love dancing even though I'm not good at dancing.

I am super grateful to my friend Al the choreographer for leading and for her willingness to teach the Relief Society in Lahug Ward even though she is so busy person.

png_20230322_181039_0000.pngMe and my talented friend Al our beautiful choreographer.

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Greeting dear ,

Congratulations on celebration Relief Society celebrated its 181st anniversary with a fun and memorable dance performance! . It's also good and interested to hear that your bond and friendship grew stronger through the dance practices.

Keep on dancing and celebrating 😀😀✌

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Thank you. I will try to keep dancing lol, but Im lazy to dance alone here at home like zumba dance. Zumba dance is a great exercise .

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Thank you so much for recommending this post of mine maam and for the evaluation.

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Grabe sayaw ni Yam ani ba. Hehe

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Nyahahaha, maka sayaw rajud ko te ug nai Stake activity sa RS hahaha.

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