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I can still remember clearly everything that happened. The feeling of being frightened.


I got sick and was hospitalized for two weeks due to pleural effusion ( water on the lungs )which caused me to have difficulty in breathing. The liquid must be removed from my lung in order for me to breathe well. I was operated twice to fully drain the water from my lungs. I was scared at that moment, for it was my first time entering an operating room and be surrounded with some doctors and nurses; looked like some scenes from the movies I have seen before. I never imagined I would be in that situation. An experience I will never ever forget.

I was told by my doctor that one of the reasons of having pleural effusion is being stressed and not having enough sleep.
After my doctor said that, seemed like some scenarios played in my head, the days when I worked too much most of the time, the stress I felt when my family faced some hardships that I thought we couldn't handle, the stress I had in my relationship, and the pressure I put on myself whenever I did some mistakes. So, yeah, these could be the reasons. However, I did not thought of those before. I did not think that I was stressed already. I just realized them when I was already in the hospital. I made my body exhausted without me knowing. I felt pity for my body at that time. I was so careless. I did not love myself.


Staying in the hospital showed me the people who will really stay with me no matter what, those people who truly care. I am so thankful to them, they are my treasures.
I also became closer to God, closer than before.

Being sick is definitely not easy. I regretted working hard and not handling my stress well. I should have taken care of myself, but it already happened. The only thing I could do was to stay strong and positive.

" I should not let this sickness bring me down", I told myself.
I encouraged myself to think of good things for my body to react positively too.


As days went by, I was gradually feeling better.
I could sit already after many days of being unable to do so.


Many days of laying in bed made my muscles stiff, perhaps, that I couldn't walk properly.

Thus, I forced myself to walk again, yes forced myself :) I was like a child learning to walk for the first time.
Luckily, It didn't take me long time :) I was able to walk but not properly. It was fine though, as long as I could make steps again :) Excuse my face, that look is the look of success :)


I was discharged fr0m the hospital after two weeks.
I was like " Finally, I can see the outside world now!". This was the first sentence I uttered upon getting out of the hospital.

I promised myself when I became better that I will listen to my body. I should let it take a rest when it needs to. I won't bombard it with a lot of things to do. It's not a machine, it get's tired.

Moreover, I should not think too much that may result to stress.
I should take everything easily, handle problems one by one. And if someone can be a help, let him or her help. I can't do all things, I am just a human being. I don't have super powers.

For you who's reading this, don't forget to take care of yourself :)

Sharing this because I am really thankful for surpassing that stage of my life, and for having a better health now.

Thank you for sparing your time :)

 last month 

a strong woman indeed, God bless you geng :) amping pirmi

 last month 

strong man sad ka geng😊 amping pud😘

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