Steemit engagement challenge S8W4: Famous street foods in my place.

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Hi Steemit Philippines community,

Am so elated to be participating in this challenge this time and for this challenge, I choose to dwell on two street foods in my place.
Wondering country or people that eat such food? I am a Nigerian... From Imo state. So basically, I will be talking about:

  • Akara
  • Abacha

For whatever reason, akara (Bean cake)happens to be religiously taken as breakfast in my place. The first reason that could come to my mind for this was the fact that people prefer to take it when it usually freshly made by the road side sellers.

This is one of the easiest meal, if not for the reason continuous steering which makes its preparation somewhat stressful.

First of all, I will to talk about the ingredients used in preparing this dish:

  • Beans
  • Onions
  • Crayfish (optional)
  • Groundnut oil
  • Fresh pepper
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Spices.

Now, here's to prepare this delicious meal in my place.

  • You have to peel the beans. This could be very demanding if you don't have a walk around on it. And is even the main reason why a lot of homes avoid makeng akara.

  • You blend the beans with little water. This is to avoid having a flattening outcome.

  • you add those ingredients individually and stir gently to achieve uniformity.

  • The next is to pour the groundnut or vegetable oil and start frying. However, you have great outcome when you regulate the hotness of the oil while frying.

The selling price of the Baked bean in my area is about 0.8 steem or there about and this is dependent on the size and the seller. So, it costs a lot to get something reasonable for breakfast. I said so because for a family of 5, you will end up buying not less than 20 pieces of it.

Talking about what makes this a famous meal in my area; it can be combined with a lot of things depending on the individual's taste.
Akara can be combined with bread just just to Meka the individual is a bit fuller or heavy


Basically when it is combined with akara, it can be taken even when it is cold or in the afternoon.

Again, akara can be combined with what we call Akamu (pap) and this give a very heavenly taste for me😊


This could be more tasty and is better had in the morning or at night.


Here is another famous meal in my place. It is just everywhere in my street. Been hawked and sold at roadside and this can be very tasty if done well.

Mostly, I make this at home because the homemade comes with a different taste and makes you have more of it to your fill.


Abacha, also known as African salad has a very unique taste that makes most people not go a week without having it twice as lunch. Me inclusive.

Here are the ingredients used in preparing this meal:

  • Abacha
  • Red Oil
  • Ngo or akanwu (potash)
  • Onions
  • Smoked fish
  • Fresh pepper
  • Ugba (Fermented African Oilbean seed)
  • Garden egg

Now, the selling price of a plate of abacha from road sellers costs about 6 steem coins. That would include the fish added to it.

Here's how to prepare this meal:

  • you soak the African salad in hot hotter for like 5 - 8 minutes. This is to make it chewable.

  • Slice or chop necessary ingredients that needs to.

  • Get your fish ready

  • And your spice too.

  • When the abacha is soaked and ready, pour it into a sieve to release water.

  • Pour a reasonable quantity of red oil into a pot and add potash and stir gently until color changes.

  • Add spices and few other ingredients at this point

  • Add the abacha.

  • Then place the pot on the gas cooker and lower the heat to avoid the meal cooking out water. Allow it to heat for a while with the smoked fish added and check the taste.

  • Now, it's, ready.
    -When dished out, you can add some other ingredients to your taste like the garden egg and fresh pepper.

What makes this meal so famous is the unique taste of it. You feel so African when eating it. And the sourced fish if combined, makes you an Oliver Twist😁

I hope you enjoy reading and try this meal if you have an igbo-nigerian friend around.

Am inviting @justice009, @mm-writes and @t-martins to join this challenge and share with us, their place most sought-after delicacies.

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I like Abacha selling point. I could remember how I used to eat Abacha then when I was at eastern part of Nigeria. Good luck to you friend.

Hi @anthony002,
Thanks for dropping by.
Ohh. Am sure you miss the Eat for one thing now 😋

It didn't seem to be at our place, but it looked very tasty and delicious. I want to try it.
We wish you success in this contest..

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