Honoring Motherhood : You're Simply The Best || Mother's Day Special

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“Ilaw ng tahanan” is what we usually describe our Filipino moms. Every mother is the light of our homes. Her light brings warmth and comfort to our family by taking care of us, putting our needs first before herself, and protecting us the best she can as an ultimate sacrifice a mom could give.

An unknown writer quoted, “Motherhood is the exquisite inconvenience of being another person’s everything.” We give honor to all mothers who devotedly and sacrificially love their children and other’s children. We honor birth mothers, stepmothers, mothers who foster and adopt, single, divorced, and widowed mothers, teen mothers – all mothers.

"Mama" is always our first line of emergency care, armed with band-aids, salves, ointments and creams to cure whatever you fell on, or fell in, as a child. As we grow older, our loving voice that yells out “Mama” we say cheerfully and excitedly when we get home from school. Through the years, our voice softens again to think of our mothers, and in our maturity, we realize that we may not always have our mothers “right there” any more to come over and see us. Every hour spent grows more precious to us, as we eventually come to realize. We can’t have today back again.

To our mother "Mama Nida", I hope your life is filled with as much love as you gave. I am the person I have become because of you Ma, and hope you know, you’re responsible. You devoted your life to us, and we personally love the results. You are a great woman, a great friend and a great MOTHER. Thanks for giving us the best things in life. You're Great! We Love You Mama!


Let us appreciate all the sacrifices of our Inay, Nanay, Mommy, Mamang, Manay, Inang, Ima, and Mama. Create a special place for your mom today and make her feel loved this Mother's Day.

For those who DO have their mother alive or is still living, we hope that you will express your love and appreciation to her not only on this special day but as often as you can. If you are only left with memories of your mother, we pray that those memories are sweet, funny, and touching. Regardless of your unique, personal story, Happy Mother’s Day!