Diary Game 6|May 24,2021|Another butterfly visit

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City Life.

It was another blessed day at the shop. On my previous diary I wrote about the butterfly that entered the mall that died later because it was weaken maybe because it was not able to get out in an open area. Greenbelt Mall is basically a mall with a little forest and pond, garden all around with lot of trees, flowering tress because it is May. Fire trees and Naga trees are flourishing in a day or days so maybe that is the reason why I have sitings of this wonderful creatures that somehow found its way inside the selling area. Its fascinating to see them flying in but I knew what would be there ending when they can't go out from the close spaces such as the boutiques or restaurant that they hopped on . This was the last butterfly I saw sticking itself to the glass window of the Tempur shop. It died on that day. My friend put it in their table for a time.

Then today come. I am sitting near the counter and I have a glimpse of something is flying. But I am not sure what it is. I stand up look to it's direction. There it stop at the corner as if it is resting. I then take photos because it is just amazing.


It looks like the same from the other but this one is much bigger and the color is lighter brown with a long white vertical stripes. I was in a video call with my sister at that time and I let my sister see it. She asks what color that might be. You know, superstitious belief right? Color has its meaning. So I must be lucky today because of what my sister says. Brown color signifies money. 😃🙏 Oh wow, so I then hail a prayer hoping it will come true. Should I buy a lottery ticket today? 😂

I then take photos of Arden pieces with Butterfly design. Arden art creations where I work took his inspiration from nature as he also uses natural materials from the sea combine with an artistic brass forms. To see more of his works you can visit the

website: ARDEN
Local artist needs support in this time of pandemic. If you like to support or if you have friends that might interest this uniquely made Filipino art then take heed to our official Facebook page: Arden GreenbeltFive



It flutters across a small pond before it rests on its banks. The dainty butterfly, with wings delicate and pure, is a picture of frailty. However delicate, mastercraftsman Arden and his artisans brought to life the beauty of the winged creature. Ethereal and almost magical, it is quitely perched, unmoving, observing.

So back to the resting butterfly. It stays there for about 4 hours I think. I go outside to buy some food and the door is close for about 15 mins. When I come back I see it is in the floor and weak. I then pushes it with a pen so it will find its way to an open area. It fly weakingly so I pick it, holding it's wings I bring it outside the mall. Hopefully it will fly. I leave it in the corner of the railings. I am in hurry because I don't want others to see me. It was kind of weird and slightly cover it with the phone that I am holding in one hand. I simply drop my one knee and release it. It doesn't fly but it is windy so it might gain its strength later. Goodbye another🦋. See you around.

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