Koi Fish Mural at Nami Hotel

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Murals and traditional paintings are in-demand today.

Many establishments like cafes, restaurants, hotels, and even gardens have murals. These artworks are usually instagrammable as part of their marketing campaign. Customers take pictures and post them online! With these murals and other installation art, a place can have its own character and theme. And people can literally walk into art.


Painting The Koi Fish


We are commissioned to do a painting piece at Nami Hotel, located in Tagaytay City. The owner wanted to recreate the work into a more colorful one. The original artwork was painted in black and white. Since Nami Hotel is a Japanese-themed hotel, I created a Japanese-inspired artwork.

koi copy.jpg

This is the design I came up with. I wanted it to be surreal but simple or minimalist they call. Koi Fish floating and swimming over the mountains. I tried to make it as oriental as most Japanese artworks are, which is visible in the outline. I also incorporated gold so that it will look elegant.

And it is also inspired by the Moon and Water Element in The Legend of Aang.



For this project we used the following:

White Flat Latex Paint
Thalo Blue Acry Color
Lamp Black Acry Color
Gold Acylic Paint
Brushes of different sizes
Acrylic Emulsion


We covered the original piece with mountain painting. We cannot locate or contact the first artist of this but we told the owner to let him/her know as a sign of respect.

koi (7).jpg

This is the finished background. This is done by just blending black and white paint on the wall using 4" brush. It is fun to do since there is no perfection needed for backgrounds like this. I also wanted to show the brush strokes so not much blending is needed.


After the background dried, the koi fishes were outlined using white paint and a line brush. It should be done using chalk but we cannot find any in nearby stores so I have to try my best not to ruin the silhouette of the fishes.


Then it's time for the actual subject! Using Thalo Blue, I covered the body and apply it in such a way that the fish can be seen as moving and not just being there, I wanted my art pieces not just posed but animated. I don't know if it is visible here, you can comment down your thoughts!

koi (10).jpg

I added the details using black and white paint. Good thing the weather is gloomy so the paint did not dry fast, so more time for me to do and blend the scales and some parts of the fish. But I don't want to overdo the blending as I wanted it to be minimal in design.

Adding the gold part is one of the most exciting parts! It means that the mural is almost done! When it was applied, we can see how delicate it was. The gold acrylic act as the accent color aside from blue. And adding shadow under the fish made them look floating or swimming. The shadow also created an embossed illusion.

koi (4).jpg

For the last part, we added the name of the hotel, but I am not able to draw its logo because I don't have a proper tool at that time.


Then we sealed the painting using Acrylic Emulsion. We just had to deal with some molds since Nami Hotel is located in Tagaytay City which is a cold place and molds love moisture and cool places.

koi (3).jpg

Overall, our client is happy with our work! YEY

Thank you for dropping by!
Have a nice day.


 2 years ago 

Wow, I admire people who have talents/skills like this. Keep it up!

 last year 

Thank you po!

 2 years ago 

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Mindanao Moderator

Wao I love admiring art 🌱

 last year 

Thanks po!

 2 years ago 

I also love arts. Very nice arts po.

 last year 

Thank you so much!

 2 years ago 

Wow, napaka galing nyo po ma'am. Ang galing talaga! Pina ka satisfying feelings pag ang client ay masaya at satisfied sa gawa natin.

 last year 

Thank you po @gemeex! so are you!
Oo tapos young tipong irerecommend ka pa nila after :D

 last year 

The best feeling talaga pag ni recommend after hihihi.

 2 years ago 

It's so cool to see you are able to do art. That's a talent that I wish I have. Keep up the good work!

 last year 

Thank you so much

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