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The Shark tank launched its Indian episodes in the Hindi language in December 2021. The show has become a huge hit among the growing middle-class Indian community. Two weeks ago, while traveling in India, every major restaurant or coffee shop was full of ideas you could expect to hear in NYC or Silicon Valley. When your Uber driver starts talking about Unicorns, you know that happiness has reached its climax.

India has been at the forefront of technology in the last two decades — this is old news. But IT services revenue reached $ 194 billion last year. Until 2015, India was not a major domestic player. There were no major exit routes that could be classified as the success of the Unicorn. That changed when, in 2018, Walmart acquired India's first Unicorn Flipkart for a whopping $ 16 billion. Surprisingly, Walmart found out that Flipkart, a small company, PhonePe recently estimated at $ 5.5 billion.

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This was the beginning of a gold rush in the realm of Indian technology. There have been a lot of investments that are considered Unicorns. India now has more than 90 Unicorns and is moving fast across the 100 mark. Tiger Global, Sequoia, and other leading U.S. investors around the world are in a sad race to find companies that can grow at an astonishing rate. The young inventor dream of making 100 more for the next generation, which could be "dream-come-true" companies.

India became the third leading country to hold unicorn companies in 2021, ousting the UK. This leads to many unexpected challenges. As global investors invest more in these new initiatives, there are already fewer cases with investors, disputes, and negative media coverage.

And while India is still producing a large number of engineering graduates, there has been a steady, negative trend. From 2.9 million engineers, it has grown to 2.2 million by 2020. This is worrying as the engineering level is also fluctuating as wages rise sharply. Also, big companies like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro are down a lot by deleting. Infosys reached a 25% death rate by 2021.

All of these problems, such as wage increases, cuts, and lawsuits, create barriers as India makes its new unicorns. Another factor that can cause some problems is the depth of the financial markets. There have been only a few M&A IPOs for these unicorns. Only time will tell if these values really reflect market strength or unreasonable happiness. Markets will eventually speak the truth.

So with so many unicorns emerging, what does it mean to them? How can they be successful in this situation? Or what does it mean for other companies?

These unicorns and future beginners who aspire to be unicorns must face many challenges at once. These challenges will be hiring the right talent, training and retaining those interested classes, and being able to attract international funding. Right now, there seems to be a financial crisis, but that could change due to geopolitical conditions.

Also, Indian stock markets will have to be very forgiving of fast-growing companies while they are burning a lot of money. PayTM recent declines are not very helpful. It has lost its market limit from $ 19 billion to $ 4.6 billion in less than a year.

However, the next-generation companies are well aware of these emerging trends. For India to grow, these companies must overcome those challenges.


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You says write now india emerge very fast.
I loved to watch this new episode of shark tank. This episode on Sony tv gives a good idea 💡 for our young generation.
Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

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