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Hi friends and all my dear indian members,
I am really very happy to participate in the contest STEEMINDIA CONTEST NO#12|| SHARE YOUR BEST BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY||PARTICIPATE AND WIN EXCITING REWARDS 🎉🎊 CONTEST OPEN FOR MEMBERS OF ALL THE COMMUNITIES!|| organized by @monz122 in #steemindia community.

I m Shubham barnwal and i am upsc student so that's why i m not active too much on this platform but if i get time then i really spends some time on this platform.
I am very interested to post my Black and white photography to this contest.
I just click this all picture when i expand some time with my friends.
Some of my pictures are from Mirzapur with my friend Deepak Soni recently when we all friends went on a short summer trip.
After that a picture is of the time when we went outside to buy something in the market for festival shopping.And some pictures are of Prayagraj, the most famous Naini Bridge here which looks very beautiful.Often all of us friends or I alone go to the banks of the Ganges to spend two moments of relaxation. The moments spent here are very beautiful.

All this picture i clicked with my mobile phone samsung.
I m not clicked too much photography but when i am with my friends i just click those memories.





I hope you all my friends like my photography and share your opinion 😉.
Location of all this picture - Prayagraj and Mirjapur .

I would like to invite @pankaj001 @wase1234 @rahulrock to take part in this contest ad win exciting prizes.


wahh re shubham bhaiya photo bda shughar lagt ba

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Yes, you are absolutely right, we are also very happy to come on this platform, I also want to be a part of this competition.
As you can tell, your post is very wonderful and very sweet. Thank you so much for inviting me along with your thoughts in this contest.

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