Market Mover : FOMC meeting at 11:30 PM IST

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If you hold #bitcoin then you must look into this.
S&p500 gap down opened which was expected as it's currently near weekly trendline resistance.


Today's meeting could be very IMPORTANT as #SP500, #bitcoin and #eth all are forming bearish situations. The market volatility could be dangerous for #cryptocurrency hodlers.

Why? Here's why.

  • #SP500 Testing It's Weekly Trendline Resistance
  • #BTC is Approaching It's Important 22700$~500$ Range And Once It will break then Market Structure will break
  • #ETH Making Head And Shoulder Pattern

USD is currently getting strength with DXY pumping.


There's nice resistance for DXY at $107, if works then it could create bullish momentum in crypto markets.


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