24/08/22- Shifting from virtual mode to physical mode

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Hello everyone, hope you all are fine.
I know many of this platform users know me as i used to write actively on this platform some months before, due to some reasons I wasn't active since few months. For new users, I want to give a brief introduction of myself . I am an engineering student , currently in 3rd year of B.Tech program at NIT Durgapur, West Bengal and my hometown is in Firozabad, UP. I wrote my previous diaries while being at home and having a virtual college life. Those days were harsh . Finally, the COVID peak has declined and we got chance to come to college. So, my diaries from now on will be related to my day to day activities while being in hostel and i will try to differentiate the way things changed while shifting from virtual mode to physical mode in college .


Today, my day started with the ring of alarm. I have to submit a lab report file the same day, i had already completed it last Sunday but some final works was left. I woke up at 4:00 AM and started completing it. I completed my lab report within time. After that i brushed my teeth and took bath, then i and my roommate went to have breakfast. It was Puri and dal in the breakfast.


We went to the workshop, where we submitted our lab report. Next, we move on to attend Foundry classes that was on another location inside the huge workshop. After discussing some concepts on board, sir demonstrated us experiments and asked us to perform it and take readings . It was a kinda fun.



After returning from workshop, we had our lunch . After lunch, i always felt highly sleepy, so i took a nap. My roommate woke me up at the class timing. We both went to class. After coming from classes at 5 PM, we had a packet of Mango Lassi . We returned to our room, i took a small rest and started studying.

Tomorrow is the birthday of one of our friends, so we discussed among other friends too and decided to bring cake and surprise him sharp at Midnight. At night, we had dinner . After having dinner, we had walk around hostel .


So, beginning from 4 AM in the morning to late night, the day was full of activities, some of them were joyful while some were exhausting, but overall the day was spent well .

Thank you


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